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December 1, 2023, 6:46 pm

World’s Strongest Passport Emirate, Oman Advanced Five Step

  • Update Time : Tuesday, March 7, 2023
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Middle Eastern country United Arab Emirates has got the title of the most powerful passport in the world. The UAE currently has the most powerful passport in the world, according to a new study by international tax and immigration consultancy Nomad Capitalist. In this index of strong passports, the passport of Bangladesh ranks 182 out of 200 countries in the world. The UAE passport was selected as the strongest in Nomad’s index with a score of 110.5. Apart from that, the passports of Luxembourg and Switzerland were jointly selected as the second strongest by getting a score of 108. Portugal and Ireland were jointly ranked as the third strongest passports in the index.

Nomad Capitalist created the Passport Index based on five indicators, including visa-free travel to 200 countries around the world, taxes imposed on residents living abroad, dual citizenship opportunities and personal freedoms. According to the data of Nomad Capitalist, the passport of Bangladesh is ranked 182nd with a score of 37.50 in this index. Bangladeshi passport holders can travel to 49 countries of the world visa-free or on-arrival visa.

It found that the UAE’s new visa-free travel facility, along with the country’s fast-growing economy and no income tax, made the Emirati passport one of the strongest. Visa-free travel facilities for passport holders from around 200 countries around the world are considered the most important criteria in determining this passport index. The index also focuses on tax rates imposed on citizens, opportunities for dual citizenship and the enjoyment of personal freedoms by residents. According to this report, Oman’s passport has advanced 5 steps. The Omani passport is currently ranked 99th, up from the previous 104th position.


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