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December 1, 2023, 9:12 pm

Who knew the voice of KGF’s ‘Rocky Brother’?

  • Update Time : Tuesday, April 26, 2022
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Kannada movie superstar Yash’s film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ has been in the news since its release. It broke a lot of records at the box office. This too will soon cross the 1000 crore mark. Photo dialogues are also going viral on social media. Especially with ‘Violence Violence’. Many reels are being made with this. In such a situation, who knows the person who gave voice to ‘Rocky Brother’? Let us tell you.

Very few people know that the southern star Yash did not want to release ‘KGF’ in Hindi (KGF Hindi) before. He wanted it to be released only in Hindi, but in view of the success of ‘Bahubali’ in Hindi, it has been dubbed in Hindi. In such a situation, the question was, who will give voice to Yash? The producers needed a voice that was not too thin or too heavy and spoke in a typical Mumbai accent. There is no one but Sachin Gole who fulfills all these conditions. He is a voice over artist. He has previously dubbed some of Yash’s films. The producers saw those pictures of him and he was called for audition again. He was later finalized for this dubbing. People also liked the first part of KGF in Hindi. When it hit, Tendulkar was also finalized for ‘KGF2’.

Tendulkar said in an interview that very few people were converted for the second part of the KGF. The producers told him to come and dub whenever he had time. He knew he had to do the dubbing and give it his best. Tendulkar said that although he got 4-5 hours for dubbing, ‘KGF’ was a big project, so he took a whole week to dub. There was no room for error here. Because Rocky is the main character in the film.

Gave the voices of stars like Dhanush

Let us tell you that Sachin has not only given his voice to Yash, he has also done Hindi dubbing of many films for actor Dhanush before. He has also sung in some of Rajinikanth’s old films, including Sandeep Kishan and Dulquer Salman. Apart from being a dubbing artist, Sachin is also a good actor. He said that ‘just being an actor is not expensive for him, so he started dubbing in 2005’.

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