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Want to sit in the 'jail or in the woods' and eat New Year's food? Possible! - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 5:07 pm

Want to sit in the ‘jail or in the woods’ and eat New Year’s food? Possible!

  • Update Time : Thursday, April 14, 2022
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When the New Year comes, the Bengalis are no longer confined to Panta-Ilish. At least the number of theme cafes or restaurants is increasing in Kolkata, India, but it is said that the taste of Bengali language is constantly looking for variety along with Bengali. Apart from tasting the tongue, there are also opportunities in some parts of Kolkata to satisfy the desires of the mind

In India, there are laws, if there is no law, there are prisons. But if you want to sit in jail and eat, you can do so without breaking the law. Camac Street is home to a restaurant called Prisoner’s Kitchen; Which looks exactly like a prison. Food should be eaten almost sitting in lockup. The restaurant staff also wears prison clothes. All in all quite a dramatic environment.
In the fifth chat

For those who love to listen to live music, a number of music-centric cafes have already opened in Kolkata. Such a cafe in the fifth chat. This cafe is arranged with music director Rahul Dev Varman. Address Hindustan Park.

Jungle safari
Jungle safari

Want to see the splendor of the kings and queens of ancient Greece? Many people are gathering in Altera to eat and drink in such a luxurious manner. Arranged in the style of an ancient Greek building, the Park Street restaurant also has a variety of wines. The name Altera means the land of Sura.

The addition of Bengali and Shankara of the Moon Mountain is but inseparable. But if you want to eat in the middle of the jungle, you no longer have to go to Richtersvelt. Once you reach a shopping mall near Bengal Chemical. There is a restaurant called Jungle Safari arranged exactly like Jungle. There are artificial limbs of all kinds of animals.

It is not uncommon to board a plane for the sake of travel. But pressed on the plane to eat food! That too is not unusual. Salt Lake Fly Kuzina is a restaurant-like restaurant. Everything from the seating area to the environment is shaped like an airplane. Pure vegetarian food is available at this restaurant.

  Fly Kuzina is a restaurant built like an airplane.
Fly Kuzina is a restaurant built like an airplane.

The pairing of actor Uttam Kumar and actress Suchitra Sen is still very popular among Bengalis. The song ‘If this path does not end’ of the movie ‘Saptapadi’ is also stuck in my mind. Saptapadi restaurants have opened in several places in Kolkata, including Golpark and Salt Lake, using the same ‘Saptapadi’ picture. Many people gather at this restaurant to eat pure Bengali food on New Year.

Wildlife conservation is now a hot topic. And when it comes to Bengali wildlife, the Sundarbans and the Royal Bengal Tiger come to mind first. There is a Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe in Tollygunge centered on that Royal Bengal Tiger. Just as there is a large tiger statue on the door of the cafe, there are various pictures of tigers inside.

There are some special bars for bikers abroad. At present there is no shortage of such places to eat in India. One such place is the Bikers Cafe on Elgin Road. The menu of this cafe is very similar to that of Dhaba on the national roads of India. The interior of the cafe is decorated with a variety of fancy and luxurious motorbikes. In addition to eating, there are also arrangements for playing small games or listening to music.
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