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Unprecedented fines for passengers for 'rude' behavior on flights - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 9:35 pm

Unprecedented fines for passengers for ‘rude’ behavior on flights

  • Update Time : Monday, May 2, 2022
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The US Federal Aviation Administration has imposed fines on two passengers for “rude behavior” inside the flight, a record unprecedented in the country’s air travel history. The two women passengers have been fined a huge amount for allegedly behaving violently on a domestic flight.

In one case, a passenger on an American Airlines flight from Texas to North Carolina was fined হাজার 61,950 for threatening and injuring a cabin crew. The woman fell on the aisle of the flight, that is, in the middle of the row of seats. The cabin crew stepped forward to help him get up.

The unnamed female passenger pushed one of the flight attendants away and tried to open the door of the aircraft during the flight. When the cabin crew tried to stop him, he hit the head of a cabin crew.

When he was handcuffed, he “spat on the cabin crew and other passengers, punched them in the head and tried to kick and bite somebody,” the Central Aviation Administration said in a statement.

Another incident occurred on a Delta Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta. A female passenger on the flight “hugged and tried to kiss the passenger sitting next to her, then she walked to the front of the flight and tried to open the door while flying.” He refused to return to his seat and bit another passenger several times. “

The name of this passenger was also not disclosed. The cabin crew finally stopped him by applying force. The woman was fined 8,262.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Boutigieg announced the fines, saying there has been a rise in violence in the United States in recent years.

“If you get on the flight, don’t be rude and don’t pose a risk to the crew or co-passengers,” the transport minister warned in an interview with ABC Television.

The airlines said no action was taken to prevent the Kovid infection. However, Mr. Butigieg said the government would decide on April 16 whether to extend the rules for wearing masks on flights and at airports.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has adopted a “no-tolerance policy” on passenger rudeness since January 2021. The administration says it has adopted a zero tolerance policy.

US airlines say the number of disruptive flights has risen to record levels since early 2021. Most of these were cases of refusing to wear face masks to prevent covid virus.

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