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December 4, 2023, 7:10 am

Today is Humayun Faridi’s 11th death anniversary

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Today is the 11th death anniversary of Bengali film legend Humayun Faridi. On this day in 2012, this legend of Bengali cinema crossed over to the land of no return.

Sometimes a hero, sometimes a villain. Others say he is an actor of actors. Ideal for some. Humayun Faridi, a student of economics, has made his way into every arena of the acting world. Received many honors including Ekushey Padak. Today is the 11th death anniversary of heroic freedom fighter, actor Humayun Faridi.

Humayun Faridi was one of the few actors who gained popularity by acting in stage and TV dramas in the eighties and nineties. Nandit and Barenya this actor has spread color by acting with equal power in stage, TV plays, films for more than three decades in his life.

In 1970, he was admitted to Dhaka University in organic chemistry, but when the liberation war started, he picked up a rifle. After returning from the battlefield, he started his education. Admitted to Jahangirnagar University in Economics. Humayun took the company of Salim Al Deen for acting.

He made his debut on television with the stage-shaking drama ‘Nikhonj Sangbad’. But he immediately won the hearts of many viewers with the role of Ramzan in the timeless drama ‘Samshaptak’.

Acting in many movies, he has become an ideal for everyone. In 2004, she won the National Film Award for the film ‘Motherhood’. Although he did not receive the Ekushey Padak during his lifetime, this energetic actor was awarded the Ekushey Padak posthumously in 2018. Known for his negative roles, the actor was equally acclaimed for his positive roles.

However, Humayun Faridi’s life was not very pleasant. Although the first marriage was in the early eighties, it did not last long. Later he shared his life with actress Subarna Mustafa, but the result was the same as the first time. So this great villain spent the rest of his life alone.

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