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The woman who suffered in Shakib's Australia incident opened her mouth - English.DailyProbash.com
December 4, 2023, 6:43 am

The woman who suffered in Shakib’s Australia incident opened her mouth

  • Update Time : Friday, March 24, 2023
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Actor Shakib Khan’s Australia incident is the focus of recent discussion in Dhallywood. Recently, Australian expatriate producer Rehmat Ullah accused Shakib Khan of cheating his schedule and raping a female producer. He made a written complaint to the Bangladesh Film Artists Association in this regard.

Since then, this issue has gone a long way. Dhakai showbiz star Shakib Khan filed a case against Rahmat Ullah for extortion and death threats. The court issued a summons to the Australian expatriate producer to appear before the court.

This time, the co-woman producer, the victim, opened up about the rape of Shakib issue. Regarding the allegations, he told the media, “I do not know anything about the allegations made against me in Bangladesh. We haven’t even decided whether to complete the film or not.”

The woman of Bangladeshi origin also said that no one was allowed to talk about her personal matters. In his words, “I have not allowed anyone to talk about my personal affairs. I did not even know the action to be taken on this matter. The 2016 complaint is still under investigation. What to do, I will consider in the future. Now I am not thinking about these things.”

Yesterday, Shakib Khan mentioned in the complaint of the case that he went to Australia to shoot the movie on August 30, 2016. Then came to know that actress Shiva Ali Khan could not come to Australia to shoot ‘Operation Agneepath’ due to visa complications. In her place, Mohammad Rahmat Ullah requested an Australian woman of Bangladeshi origin named Annie Renesa Sabrin to act with him as the heroine. Thinking about his career, he rejected his proposal.

Then accused Rahmat Ullah hatched a deep conspiracy to trap him. Following this, the accused developed a friendship with the plaintiff (Shakib Khan) and offered to take the plaintiff to a famous club for refreshments, the plaintiff agreed. Plaintiff drinks various types of drinks including eating and drinking in the club. On the way he fell ill and fainted.

“Operation Agnipath” movie directed by Ashiqur Rahman. Shakib’s heroine Siba Ali Khan in it. The movie is yet to release even though the work started five years ago.

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