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November 29, 2023, 9:02 pm

The third terminal of the airport is awaiting inauguration

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The construction of the third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is more than 60 percent complete. The magnificent terminal building is already visible. Now the interior decoration and installation of various appliances is going on. It is said that this terminal will be partially inaugurated next October.

Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority (Babychak) Air Vice Marshal. Mofidur Rahman said that the terminal will be partially inaugurated next October. It will be fully operational next year. It will provide modern facilities to the passengers once it becomes operational. Air traffic and passenger numbers will also increase.

According to Bebichak sources, 120-130 flights of more than 30 airlines take off and land at Hazrat Shahjalal Airport every day. Every day 19 to 21 thousand passengers of these planes use the two terminals of the airport (Terminal 1 and 2). At present there is an opportunity to serve about 8 million passengers a year. Authorities are claiming that it will be possible to serve another 12 million passengers once the third terminal is opened.

According to Babychuck, the third terminal will have a total of 26 boarding bridges. 12 boarding bridges will be opened next October. There will be a total of 115 check-in counters for departures (including 15 self-service check-in counters). Apart from this, there will be 66 exit immigration counters including 10 automatic passport control counters. There will be a total of 59 counters including 5 automatic check-in counters on arrival. 16 baggage belts will be installed in the terminal. There will be four separate belts for overweight baggage. Multi-storied car parking with capacity of 1 thousand 44 cars is being constructed. 37 aircrafts can be parked simultaneously in this terminal. The terminal building was designed by architect Rohani Baharin, who designed Singapore’s Changi Airport.

The terminal will partially open in October. It will be fully operational next year. It will provide modern facilities to the passengers

Air Vice Marshal. Mofidur Rahman, Chairman, Babychak

In 2017, the project to build the third terminal was taken up. Construction started on December 28, 2019. The cost of this has been estimated at about 21 thousand 398 crores. Out of this, Japanese cooperation agency JICA is giving Tk 16 thousand 141 crore as loan. And the rest money is given by Bangladesh government. This construction is done by Japan’s Mitsubishi and Fujita and South Korea’s Samsung.

Japan can get ground handling jobs

Meanwhile, Japan has shown interest in getting the third terminal ground handling work. According to Bebichak sources, a preliminary decision has already been taken in the meeting of the relevant cabinet committee to give the operation and maintenance of the terminal to Japan. It may take at least another six months to finalize the matter. However, as per the initial decision, the ground handling and maintenance of the terminal will be carried out in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

If you want to know about this, the chairman of Babychak, Air Vice Marshal Md. Mofidur Rahoman said that according to the preliminary decision of the Cabinet Committee, the operation and maintenance of the third terminal will be given to Japan when it is commissioned. He said there are three separate studies on how Japan will do the job, what the financial implications will be, how the service will be delivered. The PPP authorities, BABICHAK and Japan are carrying out the surveys separately. They will take more than six months to complete. Then a final decision will be taken in this regard
Ground handling is a part of airport operation and maintenance work. Ground handling includes tasks such as guiding the aircraft to parking bays after landing at the airport, installing door steps, loading and unloading passengers’ luggage, cleaning the interior of the aircraft, service at the check-in counter.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is currently doing ground handling work at all airports in the country. There are complaints about the quality of Biman’s ground handling services. Various initiatives have been taken to give the ground handling of Shahjalal Airport to the private sector, but it has not progressed far.

Mofidur Rahman said that Bebichak will be responsible for managing and maintaining the third terminal until a final decision is made on who will do the ground handling work.

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