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The row of dead bodies is increasing, 15 dead - English.DailyProbash.com
December 4, 2023, 7:13 am

The row of dead bodies is increasing, 15 dead

  • Update Time : Tuesday, March 7, 2023
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The queue of dead bodies is increasing due to the explosion of a building next to the Gulistan BRTC bus stand counter in the capital. Till the latest news, the bodies of 15 people have arrived at Dhaka Medical College (DHMC) Hospital. Dhaka Post reporter confirmed this information from Dhaka Medical on Tuesday (March 7) evening.

The emergency department of Dhaka Medical College visited the site and saw that ambulances were entering one after another with injured people. From the front of the emergency department to the streets outside, the cries of the relatives of the injured and the dead are going on. Starting from the doctors and nurses of Dhaka Medical, the hospital staff are trying their best to serve the injured.


The explosion happened around 4:50 pm on Tuesday (March 7). After that, the injured were quickly brought to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Many of the injured brought to the hospital are in critical condition.


Eyewitnesses say that the intensity of the explosion was so great that the entire area was stunned. The wall collapsed and fell on the street. The neighboring buildings were also damaged. The glass of many buildings has been broken. From bus passengers to pedestrians, everyone around the blast was injured. After the incident, rickshaws, wheelbarrows, trucks, cars and ambulances are taking the injured to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

The fire service says that as the building is commercial, there is a possibility of many people inside. Many people have already been rescued and sent to the hospital. The members of the fire service are looking to see if anyone else is trapped inside the building.

Shahjahan Sikder, Officer-in-Charge (OC-Media) of the Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense said that 7 units of the fire service rescued many injured people from the building. The rescue operation is still going on.

Shajahan Shikder, officer-in-charge of the media cell of the fire service headquarters, said that the explosion damaged the 5-storey building (sanitary shop on the ground floor, BRAC Bank office on the other floors) and a 7-storey sanitary market building on the south side of the Gulistan BRTC counter. But none of the buildings collapsed. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

After the explosion, I saw many people lying on the road: eyewitnesses

Al Amin, a worker of the nearby market, said that after the sudden explosion, he came out and saw many people lying in a bloody state on the street. I took 8 people in the van and sent them to the medical center. I thought they were all dead.

Besides, many more people were injured. He sent them to the medical school as best he could. Al Amin said that all the cars, pedestrians, rickshaws, vans on the road were damaged by the explosion.

Savar’s transport on the road was crushed in the blast

A Savar-bound bus from Sadarghat was crushed to pieces in the blast. An eyewitness named Wahiduzzaman who was at the scene gave this information.

He said that the bus was going from Sadarghat to Savar. It was passing that road when it exploded. The name of the bus is Savar Paribahan. Its number is Dhaka Metro C 15-4328. There were 40-50 passengers in the bus. Almost everyone inside was injured.

At the same time, all the cars on the opposite side of the road were damaged, said Wahiduzzaman.

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