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The hanging body of the son-in-law was recovered from the kitchen of the father-in-law's house - English.DailyProbash.com
December 2, 2023, 8:42 am

The hanging body of the son-in-law was recovered from the kitchen of the father-in-law’s house

  • Update Time : Thursday, April 21, 2022
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The hanging body of the son-in-law was recovered from the kitchen of the father-in-law’s house

Abdullah Al Mamun, Satkhira District Representative: Police have recovered the hanging body of a son-in-law from the abandoned kitchen of his father-in-law’s house in Gangati village of Kashimari in Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira.

Sub-Inspector (SI) of Shyamnagar Police Shahabur Rahman along with allied forces recovered the body from the spot and sent it for autopsy on Thursday (April 21) afternoon. The deceased was identified as Asaduzzaman Tasser (25). He is the son of Nur Hossain Gazi of Joynagar village in the same area.

The deceased’s wife Marufa Khatun, 23, daughter of late Surat Ali Sardar of Gangati village, said her husband had verbally divorced her four months ago due to a domestic dispute. Then last week he sent her a divorce letter himself. And on Thursday her older sister was found hanging in her older sister’s kitchen nearby.

Chhakina Khatun, the elder sister-in-law of the deceased Asaduzzaman Tasser, said, “When I went to tidy up my abandoned kitchen at sunrise on Thursday morning, I saw a person hanging in the room and people in the neighborhood came running. Later the police came and took away the body.

Khadija, sister of the deceased and Rahima Khatun, aunt of the deceased said that Asaduzzaman forcibly married Taseer to Marufa Begum, a pregnant woman who had been abandoned by her husband. From then on, they used to physically abuse Asaduzzaman Tasser in various ways including beating. They killed Tasser.
Local resident Ishaq Ali said they (in-laws) used to beat Asaduzzaman Tasser almost all the time. Seeing the condition of the body, it looks like murder! Because there is no pattern of suicide in the body.

Nur Hossain Gazi, the father of the deceased, said that in the last few days, my son was beaten by the people of his father-in-law’s house and his phone and money were taken away and sent home. Later on Wednesday (April 20) he went to fetch the phone and never came back. On Thursday, I heard that my son had committed suicide with a rope around his neck. They forcibly married my son there one to one and a half years ago. They killed my son and hanged him. Because my son’s feet touched the ground.

Criminal experts say the way Asaduzzaman Tasser’s body was hanging suggests he was hanged after being killed elsewhere. Because the body was on its knees. His eyes were closed. The tongue did not come out. The lips were normal. Hands clenched. There was a palm leaf leaf just below where the body was hanging, but it was intact. This means that if you squirm at the time of suicide, the foot will tear at the footsteps or you will be crushed. But that did not happen. So initially it appears to be murder.

Shyamnagar Police Station OC Kazi Wahid Morshed said that an inquest report of the body has been prepared after receiving the news. The body has been sent to Satkhira Sadar Hospital for autopsy. The real secret will be known if the autopsy report is available. However, the relatives of the deceased claim that Asaduzzaman Tasser was hanged after the planned assassination and is being promoted as a suicide. Police are seriously investigating the allegations.

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