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The gunmen are involved in the politics of Chhatra League: Police Investigation Committee - English.DailyProbash.com
December 4, 2023, 7:19 am

The gunmen are involved in the politics of Chhatra League: Police Investigation Committee

  • Update Time : Sunday, April 24, 2022
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The gunmen are involved in the politics of Chhatra League: Police Investigation Committee

Police have identified the two killers of courier worker Nahid Mia in a clash between businessmen and students in the New Market area of ​​the capital. They were directly involved at the time of the incident. One of them is Qayyum, the other has not been named by the police. However, both of them are students of Dhaka College and followers of a leader of the disbanded committee of Dhaka College Chhatra League. The two have been identified on the basis of various video footage collected from the incident and information provided by eyewitnesses, the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) said.

In addition, two more people who were seen on the streets last Tuesday with sharp weapons have been identified. They are also students of Dhaka College and associated with Chhatra League politics. Police said that they have been kept under surveillance.

Nahid Mia, a deliveryman at a computer accessories store on Elephant Road, was stabbed and seriously injured by gunmen on Tuesday. He died at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on the same night.

According to eyewitnesses and investigation sources, the students of Dhaka College, led by three groups of Chhatra League, clashed with the traders of New Market. These groups were led by Chhatra League leaders Zulfiqar, Firoz and Jasim.

A police source said several people carrying sharp weapons had been identified during the clashes. Most of them are involved in BCL politics.

Most of the BCL members at Dhaka College use their motorcycle helmets to conceal their identities and avoid injuries during clashes. The man who stabbed Nahid was also wearing a helmet.

Dhaka College BCL does not have any committee at present. So the student league there is divided into several parts. In 2016, a convening committee was formed for the 3rd month. But it failed to form a full committee.

However, the law enforcement agencies said that they do not want any more chaos. So the process of arresting the accused will be slow.

Detective police officers investigating the murder case said that the young man who stabbed Nahid was named Zakir. They said Zakir was a BCL activist. Nahid was first hit by Dhaka College student Qayyum. They said he was wearing a white striped blue T-shirt. However, they said that they are verifying all the information to be 100% sure about the identity of the attackers. Sujan Islam, wearing a yellow helmet, lives in room 101 of the North Hostel of Dhaka College, they said. Many of those who had indigenous weapons, rods and sticks during the clashes have also been identified.

One of them is Sadiq Mirza, a member of the convening committee of Chhatra League. He lives in room 216 of the same hostel. He had a machete in his hand. Kawsar alias White Kawsar, wearing a green T-shirt, also had a knife in his hand. Kawsar, a student of Islamic history, lives in the South Hostel. Monaim has been identified with a hammer. Officials investigating the case said he was a member of the Dhaka Metropolitan (North) Chhatra League.

Meanwhile, 4 cases have been registered in connection with last week’s clash. Police have registered two cases. The family members of the two killed in the clash have filed two cases. More than one and a half thousand unnamed accused have been made in these cases. Two DBs are investigating the murder case. Newmarket police are investigating the other two cases.

Meanwhile, a court has granted a three-day remand to BNP leader Maqbool Hossain in a case filed against him for allegedly inciting clashes. He is the owner of two shops where the incident started on Monday night.

Source: Daily Manabjamin

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