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December 4, 2023, 6:15 am

The expatriate’s wife has fled leaving behind two children

  • Update Time : Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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A housewife named Aklima Begum disappeared with her boyfriend after leaving her two children with her expatriate husband’s money and jewelery saying she was going to visit Bhairab in Kishoreganj. Aklima’s mother-in-law Halima Begum lodged a written complaint with Bhairab Police Station on Monday night (March 26).

Aklima’s boyfriend’s name is Abdul Al Khalid. He is the son of late Abdur Rehman of Baripara village in Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur district. And her husband Prabasi Hossain Mia is the son of Chadek Mia in Tan Krishnanagar village of Shibpur UP. He is currently in Libya. Prior to that, he worked in Saudi Arabia for 12 years

It is learned that Aklima Begum, daughter of Salam Miah of Gochamara village in Shimulkandi union, got married to Hossain Miah 12 years ago. They have a daughter named Tasnim Hossain and a son named Tajim Hossain. Hossain Mia, a Libyan expatriate, has been in Saudi Arabia for 12 years now. After marriage, he used to send income money to his wife’s bank account.

A few years later, he left his village home and started keeping his wife and children in a rented house in Bhairabpur area of ​​Bhairab town, thinking that his children could read and write well. In the meantime, he got acquainted with Abdul Al Khalid through a close relative. Gradually a love affair developed with him. After learning about the matter, Hossain Mia repeatedly warned Aklima but their relationship did not stop.

Speaking of going for a walk later, Aklima ran away from home last Sunday holding the hand of her boyfriend Khalid. It has been alleged that Aklima also took 12 gold ornaments worth Tk 20 lakh and Tk 6 lakh while leaving the house.

Halima Begum, Aklima’s mother-in-law, said: The jewelry was 12 bhari. This jewelry is not in the cupboard. Talking about traveling, her boyfriend fled with Khalid. They have two children. Leaving the children, Aklima fled. I am in danger now with two ignorant children. They are crying for mom.

Asked about the escape with Aklima, Khalid said, “I am not willing to talk about it.” Bhairab police sub-inspector (SI) Abu Saeed said, “I started the investigation after receiving the complaint last night.” Legal action will be taken if the incident is found to be true


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