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December 2, 2023, 8:34 am

The British Minister of State in Dhaka, who brought the message

  • Update Time : Friday, March 10, 2023
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British Minister of State Anne-Marie Trevelyan has visited Dhaka. He brought the message of strengthening the ongoing relationship between Bangladesh and UK. According to diplomatic sources, contemporary global and regional issues including the Indo-Pacific will be discussed during his visit.

Acting Foreign Secretary Sabbir Ahmed Chowdhury welcomed the British Minister of State when he arrived in Dhaka on Friday. Trevelyan visited Bangladesh as part of a tour of South Asia after being appointed Minister of State for Indo-Pacific Affairs in October last year.

It is reported that security, democracy, human rights, trade and Rohingya crisis will be discussed during his visit. In addition, the United Kingdom-Bangladesh will sign a climate agreement to increase cooperation with Bangladesh in climate action. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Foreign Minister during the visit of the British Minister of State. Meet AK Abdul Momen.

Apart from this, he will meet with civil society, human rights activists, climate experts and business representatives. Meanwhile, after Trivelian arrived in Dhaka, a message was sent to the media from the British High Commission.

Trivelyan said, I am happy to visit Bangladesh. It is a country that has strong cultural and economic ties with the UK. The UK is proud to have been a close partner of Bangladesh for over 51 years. From trade and investment to defense, climate and humanitarian cooperation, we are sharing. I look forward to further strengthening our close and valuable partnership through this visit.

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