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December 4, 2023, 8:52 am

The bridge has stood without a road for two decades

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The bridge has stood without a road for two decades

Timir Banik, Moulvibazar Correspondent: The bridge over the canal at Baradal and Karera villages of Bhukshimil Union inhabited by Kulaura Haor in Moulvibazar at a cost of Tk 3 million has been useless for two decades. The bridge was built in 1998 at Hakaluki Haor to facilitate agricultural travel. But within a few years, the road was completely washed away by the floods. After that no initiative was taken to build the road. Due to this, the bridge was of no use to the people due to lack of roads. The once important bridge now stands as an abandoned structure.

According to local sources, the 10-meter-long bridge and one-kilometer dirt road were constructed in 1998 at a cost of Tk 3 million through a low-cost bridge-culvert construction project under the Rural Infrastructure Department (LGED) Rural Infrastructure. Later people in the area used this bridge and road for five to six years. But due to lack of guide wall along the road in Haor area, the road was completely washed away by the flood. No further steps were taken to fill the soil in this road repair.
Talking to Sohail Ahmed, Akbar Mia, Akmal Ali, Dilu Khan, Shaheen Ahmed, Badrul Islam, Konar Mia of Karera village and Bablu Ahmed of Chakapan village. Among them Sohail Ahmed said, ‘Our road was the only way for farmers to reach Haor. Due to this, one has to suffer during the whole year. As there is no road connecting Baradal-Chakapan with the bridge, we have to cross the canal with great difficulty with heavy agricultural products and livestock. The road collapsed long ago in the flood. After that no other people’s representatives took initiative to repair the road.

Local residents added that the bridge was built to facilitate the movement of people in the area during the dry season. But now it has become useless while in unused condition. If the roads and bridges here are repaired or rebuilt, the journey to Haor will be easier.

Bhukshimil Union Parishad chairman Azizur Rahman Monir told reporters that since there was a bridge, it was important to build a road there. I have worked some parts of the road. Large allocations are required to make this road. Allocation is low at the moment.

Azizur Rahman Monir further said that the bridge is now useless. Even if the road is built, it does not seem to be of any benefit. So the bridge needs to be rebuilt.

Upazila project implementation officer said. Shimul Ali said, I know the matter. Necessary steps will be taken to repair this road from rural infrastructure development sector TR and Kabikha project.

Aminul Islam Mridha, an engineer at the Government Engineering Department (LGED) Kulaura office, said, “We cannot take any project directly on roads and bridges in rural infrastructure.” However, I will be able to take necessary action if I give the demand letter (DO letter) of the local MP. Asked about this, Kulaura (Moulvibazar-2 constituency) MP Sultan Mohammad Mansur Ahmed said on his mobile phone, “If the engineer of the Upazila LGED office wants to repair or rebuild the bridge, necessary steps will be taken.”

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