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The body of a Bangladeshi was recovered from a park in Sydney, Australia - English.DailyProbash.com
December 4, 2023, 5:30 am

The body of a Bangladeshi was recovered from a park in Sydney, Australia

  • Update Time : Thursday, April 21, 2022
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Police have recovered the body of a Bangladeshi man identified as Barnil Borhan, 34, from Sydney’s Centennial Park in Australia on Thursday morning. Borhan, a father of one, lives in Wally Park, Sydney’s Bangla Town.

Borhan’s wife told police her husband drove a part-time taxi. When he did not return home after work, he called the taxi company. The taxi company called the police to identify the car parked outside the car using the car’s GPS.

Police went to the park at 4 am today and found 3 people. Among them Borhan was dead. The other two are also Bangladeshi taxi drivers.

Borhan went to Australia after finishing his studies in Finance and Accounting from North-South University in Dhaka. There he completed his Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Melbourne.

One person present at the scene was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital. Her condition is also critical.

Another was taken to Sari Hills police station for questioning, he said, adding that a passenger had left something like white powder in the back seat. They ate it ‘for fun’ after work.

Shah Zaman Titu, a former councilor who is a neighbor of Robhan, said, “Borhan was very humble and polite. To my knowledge they have not yet become permanent residents of Australia. So I worked very hard. This death has taught us a lot. Hopefully, others will learn from this and be aware.
Source: The Daily Star

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