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Talking about sending him to Saudi, he brought him to Dhaka and raped him. - English.DailyProbash.com
December 2, 2023, 9:17 am

Talking about sending him to Saudi, he brought him to Dhaka and raped him.

  • Update Time : Monday, April 18, 2022
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A woman from Moulvibazar was brought to Dhaka and raped in the name of teaching the language to be sent to Saudi Arabia. According to RAB, four members of the human trafficking ring have been arrested in connection with the case. A press conference was held at RAB’s media center at Karwan Bazar in the capital on Saturday.

At the press conference, RAB-3 captain Lt. Colonel Arif Mohiuddin Ahmed said that the rape victim wanted the help of RAB on her mobile phone. Four women were rescued from Rampura in Dhaka on Wednesday night and four others were arrested. The four arrested are Tofail Ahmed, Kamrul Ahmed, Khaled Masood Helal and Md. Jamal.

The RAB-3 captain said that the houses of Tofail Ahmed and the victim were in the same area. He promised to send the woman to Saudi Arabia.

He told the woman that if she wanted to go to Saudi Arabia, she had to go to Dhaka to learn Arabic. Later, Tofail raped the woman by bringing another member of the gang from Moulvibazar to Kamrul Ahmed’s house in Rampura, Dhaka.

Four people, including Tofail, have been arrested in connection with the case. The woman has been admitted to the One Stop Crisis Center (OCC) of Dhaka Medical College Hospital for health check-up.

RAB officer Arif Mohiuddin Ahmed said the four arrested were members of an organized human trafficking and fraud ring. Arrested Kamrul is the head of this cycle. The other three are his associates. They have no permission to export manpower. He has been sending women to the Middle East on travel visas for a long time showing the temptation of work. They are not getting work abroad. Many are living inhumane lives there. He is giving fake passports, visas and tickets to different people saying that he will send them to different countries of Europe again. He is taking five to seven lakh rupees from everyone. In this way, the members of the clique have snatched crores of rupees from hundreds of people in five years.

RAB-3 official Arif Mohiuddin also said that the members of the gang change their address frequently. He said that many foreigners who go to the airport with fake visas and tickets realize that they have been deceived. He then changed his address and stopped communicating with the members of the gang. Thus, the members of the circle have changed their address eight times in the last two years.

According to RAB, the head of the clique, Kamrul Islam, studied up to the ninth grade. He has no specific profession. Fraud and human trafficking are his profession. In 2019, he went to Dubai on a travel visa. Get a permanent residency in Dubai with the money earned through human trafficking. He returned to the country in May 2021. Its manpower does not have a license to export. Send people to different countries on travel visas by contacting different tours and travels. One of his associates is Jamal Mahbub, an assistant manager at an organization called International. Jamal studied up to seventh grade. The arrested Khaled was in Saudi Arabia for about 15 years. He returned to the country in 2016 and became involved in human trafficking. The arrested Tofail is a driver by profession. He has been working as an associate of Kamrul for several years


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