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December 4, 2023, 6:24 am

Qantas is launching the longest flight in the world

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Australia’s Qantas Airways is set to launch the world’s longest passenger flight. The airline has announced that it will start operating non-stop long-haul flights from Sydney to London and New York from 2025.

The Australian national airline says it has purchased a new fleet of 350-1000 aircraft at Airbus. These are capable of direct flight to any city in the world.

The first Sydney-London flight of Qantas will take place by the end of 2025. The journey will take about 20 hours. It will be the longest passenger flight in the world.

The Sydney-London route, first launched in 1947, used to take 56 hours at a time. At that time there were seven stops.

Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas, said in a statement: “The A350 and Project Sunrise will take any city in the world just one flight from Australia. This is the ultimate frontier of flight and the ultimate solution to the tyranny of distance. ‘

Qantas has been working on this project for almost five years. Its implementation has been delayed due to the Kavid-19 epidemic.

In 2016, Qantas launched a 16-hour direct flight between London and Perth, Western Australia. In 2019, they operated multiple test flights from the East Coast to the United Kingdom and New York.

The new fleet of 12 Qantas aircraft will start arriving in 2025. Orders will be delivered by 2026.

Each aircraft will be able to carry 238 passengers. The seats will be more open than usual. Passengers will also be able to go to a ‘health zone’ in the center of the aircraft.

The wellness area will have self-service snack bars and hands-on fairs and walks. It will be easier to deal with the effects of being in the sky for 20 hours straight.

Qantas still operates non-stop flights between the United Kingdom and Australia. Their Boeing 8 runs between London’s Heathrow Airport and the city of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. The flight from Australia takes about 16 hours. The return journey takes about 18 hours. Source: BBC

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