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Puspita Gupta from Labor Party for the second time - English.DailyProbash.com
December 4, 2023, 8:52 am

Puspita Gupta from Labor Party for the second time

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Puspita Gupta from Labor Party for the second time

Timir Banik, Moulvibazar Correspondent: Prominent human rights activist Puspita Gupta, son of Bangladesh and Moulvibazar, was elected by a wide margin after contesting for the second time in the Seven Kings Ward of the Redbridge Council in London.

Elections began in the United Kingdom on 5 May. Today, on Saturday (May 7), the rival candidate Amir Hamid got 515 votes and Puspita Gupta got 1606 votes and was elected by a wide margin.

Puspita Gupta got the highest number of votes for the post of councilor. Confirming this information, Puspita Gupta herself admitted the truth when contacted. Puspita Gupta is the founding president of the Secular Bangladesh Movement in the United Kingdom. The election began on May 5. The victory song of humanity is being expressed through all his movements and activities for the realization of human rights. Let his ideals spread all over the world. He has shown immense compassion towards the helpless people of the country since his exile. During the epidemic Kovid-19, he has distributed food items and oxygen cylinders in different parts of the country. Providing scholarships to disadvantaged students has taken place in the hearts of helpless people. Being averse to propaganda, he is working silently which will be an example. Ignoring the horrors of the Corona epidemic, the doctors and nurses at various hospitals in the area have provided food aid to the nurses, which is commendable. We were hopeful he would win. On behalf of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajot Moulvibazar District, Srimangal Upazila, we wish the longevity of dear Didi Puspita Gupta and pray to the Creator for the strength to continue serving humanity in the days to come and also wish cooperation and sympathy of all. Lots of love and good wishes for Puspita Gupta.

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