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November 30, 2023, 4:27 am

Passport office in Naogaon is getting service without broker

  • Update Time : Friday, April 28, 2023
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Naogaon Regional Passport Office is currently providing services without much hassle and harassment. It is said that brokers do not have violence. Any person can visit the passport office at any time without any broker and get any service related to passport directly from the official. Various exceptional initiatives have been taken to provide services in digital mode.

Zillur Rahman of Katrasin village of Raninagar upazila of the district said that I received a letter from the passport office. The letter said that my passport was prepared long ago and deposited in the office. Said to collect that passport as soon as possible. Ranjit Shaha, another beneficiary of the same village, said that there was some information mismatch between my previous passport and national identity card. Later, without a broker, when I told the matter to the head of the office, he solved all my problems and made my new passport. I am impressed with the usage of sir. If such officers were in every government office in the country, the image of our country would have changed long ago.

Deputy Director of Naogaon Regional Passport Office. Helal Uddin said, since joining this office, I have been trying to incarnate some positive ideas from the negative ideas that have been born among the people of the country about the passport office. I have taken some exceptional initiatives on my own initiative. For example, I have listed the customers who are not receiving their passports for a long time. According to that list, we have taken measures to inform the customers of each ward of 99 unions of 11 upazilas of the district in a written letter to collect their prepared passports within a certain period. During the current Hajj season, we have tried to hand over the passports to the people who have come to get their passports in order to complete the Hajj. Besides, we have been giving maximum priority in the case of sick and elderly passports.

I keep the door of my room open for any person every day from the time of office till the end of the office so as to try to advise that any person from the lowest level of society to the higher level can take service from my office without any kind of suffering or harassment. coming

He also said that there is no appointed broker of the passport office but many alleged persons outside the office have been trying to get benefits by posing themselves in various ways by ensnaring the people who come to the office to take service. And in the trap of all these people, many unaware people have suffered and harassed unnecessarily. But those who are conscious people come directly to me if there is any problem. I have always been trying to keep the internal environment of Anant office free of brokers with the full cooperation of all the staff in my office. These services could be provided better if there were adequate manpower. Many times one person has to do the work of 5 people alone.

Besides, if there is enough manpower in the office, it would be possible to provide quality service to every person in a short time, so the word “broker” would also leave this office premises.

He said, above all, if any customer has received disrespectful use from any office staff or has been harassed by coming to my office, then if the matter is reported to me, I will take departmental action against that staff subject to investigation. However, due to shortage of manpower, many times unintended mistakes can be made due to frustration in providing continuous services. Therefore, with the aim of providing better service by taking the mistake of the office staff, I have specially requested all the service receivers who come to the office to provide us with overall cooperation. Because no man is above mistakes. Therefore, I am seeking constructive criticism and advice from every person who comes to serve in this office. With the full cooperation of the people of Naogaon, I would like to leave this passport office with a beautiful and pleasant environment by continuing to provide exceptional service. But the office will be in Naogaon and I will go elsewhere after the scheduled time.

But with constructive overall cooperation and advice from all, I want to leave a unique tradition in this office through which people of Naogaon can get good service for life.

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