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Pakistani actress Hira Mani did body shaming of Kareena Kapoor, then trolls started on social media - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 10:20 pm

Pakistani actress Hira Mani did body shaming of Kareena Kapoor, then trolls started on social media

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Pakistani actress Hira Mani Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has come to limelight. A video of Hira going viral on social media as she praises abusive husbands. The Pakistani actress says that women lose weight due to toning. With that, Karina is ashamed of her body. After these two statements, Hira started trolling on social media, people started telling her a lot.

Pakistani actress Hira Mani said in an interview with her husband, “This time I lost weight, I had no trainer. I had a trainer..so. It has reduced my weight so much that even the previous trainers could not do it. I gained a lot of weight .. Brother I weighed 84 kg. Meanwhile, her husband said talk about the drama. He then says, ‘One day I saw my play and said, who is this Aunty Badi C-boy, drive you away. This again reduced my weight by 10 kg in 3 months. My coach did what the trainer couldn’t do.

Hira Mani calls Kareena Kapoor – ‘She’s fat now’
Hira Mani further said, ‘It hurts me so much that he looks at Katrina, Kareena .. Kareena is fat now .. Look at Deepika. I say I’m not Katrina, Deepika, I have two kids. But it taunts. I think it’s better to make fun of husbands… women lose weight ‘.

The fans jumped
Hearing this, Kareena Kapoor’s fans got angry and started trolling Kareena for body shaming. Someone told Hira Mani, ‘Education is needed’. Someone

Keep listening to diamond gems
One social media user wrote, “You should think twice before making such a statement on any public platform.” Another wrote, ‘I used to have a lot of respect but today is the end .. will it teach her son, poisonous thoughts’. We tell you that Pakistani actress Hira Mani has been in the headlines before because of her speech.

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