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One after another car accident in USA dust storm, 6 dead - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 8:24 am

One after another car accident in USA dust storm, 6 dead

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 2, 2023
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Six people were killed and at least 30 injured when at least 60 vehicles crashed in a series of accidents on a highway in Illinois, USA, as a dust storm reduced visibility to near zero.

Authorities said 30 commercial vehicles, including 40 to 60 passenger cars and multiple tractor-trailer trucks, crashed on Interstate 55 in southern Illinois around 11 a.m. local time Monday. Two big trucks also caught fire in the accident. Reuters news.

Police say the crashes occurred on both sides of a 130-mile stretch of Interstate 55 near the town of Farmsville, about 200 miles southwest of Chicago.

More than 30 injured people have been taken to nearby hospitals. Some of them are in critical condition. The injured include a 2-year-old child and an 80-year-old man, the police said.

Montgomery County Coroner’s Office Chief Assistant Joleta Hill confirmed the death of at least 6 people in these accidents.

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