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Oman Air on Chittagong-Muscat route every day of the week - English.DailyProbash.com
November 26, 2023, 7:32 am

Oman Air on Chittagong-Muscat route every day of the week

  • Update Time : Friday, April 22, 2022
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Oman Air operates seven direct flights a week from Chittagong to Oman, a Middle Eastern country. Four domestic and foreign airlines operate 16 flights a week from Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport to Muscat. Among them, Oman Air has the highest passenger transport capacity. This airline also has the most flights.

Oman Air operates three flights a week on the Dhaka-Muscat route while it operates seven flights from Chittagong. 16-seater Boeing 737-800 aircraft transport passengers from Chittagong; But their passenger demand is so high that at least two flights a week are carrying passengers with that luxurious Dreamliner. Its passenger transport capacity is 26 people.

Oman Air’s Regional Vice President Sunil Va said, ‘We are transporting maximum passengers from Chittagong. Most of our passengers are expatriates from Chittagong who are working or going to work in Oman. Apart from this, we are getting a lot of transit passengers who are going to different countries of the world through Muscat. We will increase the number of flights soon as passenger demand increases. At the same time, there are plans to operate flights with large aircraft like the Dreamliner.

Praising the infrastructure development of Chittagong, Sunil Va said, if these projects are launched, the importance of Chittagong will increase a lot. Lots of domestic and foreign passengers will use Chittagong Airport. At the same time, we are considering the launch of Cox’s Bazar International Airport. ‘

Oman Air hosted an iftar at the Peninsula Hotel in Chittagong on Thursday. In a long conversation, he told about this plan. Hajj Agencies Association Chittagong President Shah Alam, Oman Air Senior Sales Manager Mohammad Zahidul Hasan, Chittagong in-charge. Asif Chowdhury, Assistant Manager (Chittagong Airport Operations) Sumit Biswas and others were present.

‘Air Galaxy’ is working as an agent of Oman Air in Bangladesh. Ahmed Yusuf Walid, President and CEO of Galaxy Bangladesh, who was present there, said, “Most of the passengers in Chittagong have opted for Oman Air. We want to increase the flight by maintaining that confidence. For this we always offer competitive rent. ‘

It is learned that 16 daily flights from Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport are going to Muscat, the capital of Oman. Oman Air has the highest number of seven flights. The foreign airline Salam Air operates five flights. Bangladesh Biman operates three flights a week. And Bangladeshi airline US-Bangla is operating three flights a week.

Tinggram International Airport Director Wing Commander Farhad Hossain Khan said, “When the number of passengers increases, Oman Air transports passengers with Dreamliner. At Chittagong Airport, only Bangladesh Biman transports passengers to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah with Dreamliner. Oman Air is the only foreign airline that carries passengers with Dreamliner. We are ready to approve additional flights if passenger demand increases.

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