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Miriam Mannan, recommended punishment against the mother - English.DailyProbash.com
December 2, 2023, 12:01 am

Miriam Mannan, recommended punishment against the mother

  • Update Time : Monday, February 13, 2023
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Rahima Begum of Banikpara, Daulatpur Maheswarpasha, Khulna is the missing owner of her daughter Maryam Mannan. Rahima Begum’s abduction drama was staged to trap the neighbors under the leadership of her daughter Maryam Mannan in a land dispute.

Such information has emerged in the report of the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI). PBI has submitted the investigation report of this case to the court on Monday.

Police Superintendent of Khulna PBI Syed Mushfiqur Rahman gave this information in a press conference at PBI office. Their report recommended disciplinary action against Maryam Mannan, her mother Rahima Begum and Maryam’s younger sister Aduri Akhtar, the plaintiff in the case. Besides, it has been recommended to acquit the accused in that case.

Superintendent of Police Mushfiqur said that the investigation report of the case has been submitted to the court after being approved by the head office. As per rules, the plaintiff has been informed about the investigation report. Later it will be informed in written form. If the plaintiff wants, the investigating officer can apply for change by displeasing the report.

The police investigation revealed that on the night Rahima Begum went missing, Maryam had sent 1,000 taka to her mother through mobile banking.

According to the investigating officer, Maryam Mannan had planned the drama of Rahima Begum’s disappearance well in advance.

Basically, the plan was made to trap the neighbor due to the dispute over the land. Even before that incident, Rahima Begum left the house many times without informing anyone. But within a few days he returned again. His daughters Maryam Mannan and Aduri Akhter knew about these incidents. However, this incident was planned. PBI Inspector Abdul Mannan, the investigating officer of the case, says that Maryam Mannan was the one who planned the Rahima Begum abduction drama.

Incidentally, on the night of August 27, 2022, the family members complained that Rahima Begum went missing from Banikpara in Maheswarpasha area of ​​Khulna’s Daulatpur. Rahima Begum’s son Miraj Al Sadi made a general diary on the complaint of mother’s abduction at Khulna Nagar’s Daulatpur police station at night. The next day, Rahima Begum’s daughter Aduri Akhtar filed a case at the police station, alleging that Rahima Begum had been kidnapped.

PBI inspector Mannan said that the names of their neighbors Moin Uddin, Gholam Kibria, Rafiqul Islam, Mohammad Jewel and Helal Sharif were mentioned as suspects in the case. At that time they were arrested by the police. They are currently on bail.

On the night of September 24 that year, the police rescued Rahima Begum from a house in Syedpur village of Boalmari upazila in Faridpur, unharmed and unharmed. Right now Rahima is staying in a rented house in Khulna under the custody of her daughter Aduri Akhter.

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