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Messi's wife wants Leo to return to Barcelona - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 11:48 pm

Messi’s wife wants Leo to return to Barcelona

  • Update Time : Thursday, May 12, 2022
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The transfer market is booming in European football ahead of the first transfer of the season. At the top of the list are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Killian Mbappe and Philippe Coutinho.

Winning the league title may have been a bit of a pain in the ass for breaking the PSG Champions League dream. The best stars of the team have left France for a holiday to enjoy that joy. Two Argentines, Lionel Messi and Leonardo Pardes, are in Saudi Arabia. Neymar spends time in Barcelona and Killian Mbappe in Madrid.

The PSG is rumored to be broken in the regret of not being the best in Europe. The news of Killian Mbappe joining Real Madrid is now an open secret. Likewise, his wife Antonella Roccuzzo wants to see Messi again in Barcelona.

This time Barca coach Xavi Hernandez and the team’s defender Dani Alves have given air to that sail. They also hope to reunite friends at the New Camp. However, in the eyes of father Jorge Messi, Barcelona is a traitor.

Although it is not certain whether Messi will come to Bara, the talk of Ronaldo leaving England is growing every day. Ronaldo will be released from the Champions League for the first time in 20 years if he stays at Manchester United. How much will C and Seven agree with that?

Although the fortunes of the two stars hang in the balance, it is almost certain that Philippe Coutinho’s relationship with Barcelona will be severed. The relationship of the Brazilian star with Aston Villa is going to last forever after he was captured from Barcelona. Steven Gerrard’s side have offered the Spanish club 20million.

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