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November 28, 2023, 10:28 pm

LPG price increased

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 2, 2023
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After three consecutive price cuts, LPG cylinder prices have increased again. For the current month (May), the new price of 12 kg cylinder has been fixed at Tk 1,235, which was Tk 1,178 last April. As a result, the price of 12 kg cylinder increased by Tk 57 within a month. However, in March this year, the price of the same size cylinder was Tk 1,422.

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) chairman announced the new price in a press conference today. Nurul Amin.

Apart from the 12 kg cylinder, the price of all cylinders starting from 5.5 kg to 45 kg has been increased. Similarly, the price of autogas has also increased.

It was mentioned in the press conference that the price of 12.5 kg cylinder has not changed at the government level. The previous price is Rs 591.

Meanwhile, the price of autogas has been increased from Tk 54 90 paise to Tk 57 52 paise in May.

According to BERC, Saudi Aramco’s announced Saudi CP (contract price) of propane and butane for the month of May was fixed at USD 555 per metric ton.

LPG prices have also gone up for central consumers in households. The price of reticulated LPG in gaseous state was zero.22 paisa per liter in January. It increased by zero decimal 27 paisa in the month of February. It was zero decimal 26 paisa in March. In the month of April it is zero decimal 21 paisa. This time it has increased to 0.22 paise.

Commission members Kamruzzaman, Muhammad Yamin Chowdhury, Md. were present at the press conference. Helal Uddin, Abul Khair Md. Aminur Rahman, Secretary of BERC. Khalilur Rahman Khan and others.

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