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December 1, 2023, 12:14 pm

Legal notice to CAB not to allow Wiz to fly

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 16, 2023
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A legal notice has been issued to the Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority (BABCHAK) for not allowing the foreign-owned low-cost airline Wizz Air to operate the aircraft bypassing all stakeholders.

This notice has been given to the Secretary of Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry, Biman Bangladesh Airlines authority in addition to CAB on behalf of Bangladesh Youth Economist Forum on Monday.

Advocate Mosharraf Hossain Kajal issued this legal notice on behalf of the organization’s president Mirza Walid Hossain.

It is said that due to the ongoing foreign exchange crisis of the country, the crisis has increased in various service sectors including foreign airlines, shipping companies. Under the agreement between the UAE and Bangladesh, the airlines of both countries are allowed to operate 140 flights a week. While UAE airlines operate around 120 flights a week, Bangladeshi airlines operate around 60-70 flights a week. However, to increase their capacity, Bangladesh Biman and US Bangla have signed an agreement to purchase new aircraft. In this situation, if Wizz Air, an airline formed in Abu Dhabi, is given the opportunity to operate a new flight, the Bangladeshi airlines will face it.

Meanwhile, due to the impact of foreign exchange crisis, various reputed airlines have limited their services in Bangladesh and if this crisis continues, it will become almost difficult to conduct business in this sector.

According to the notice, if the new airlines are approved, the airlines operating the existing flights will come under severe pressure. Especially with Wiz Air being a low-cost airline, there will be a lot of pressure on all the airlines operating the flights. In this, all the existing airlines in Bangladesh will sit on the road and will be under severe economic threat. In this situation, the existing flight operators are warned to take the help of the existing laws of Bangladesh if they face losses.

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