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December 5, 2023, 12:32 pm

KGF chapter 2 What is the real story of the original story

  • Update Time : Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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KGF chapter 2 What is the real story of the original story


The four-minute clip did wonders
If the media reports are to be believed, the KGF director and producers had earlier planned to release it in Kannada only, that is, to the southern and limited audience only. Did that should take it to a bigger level. Not only Kannada, but all the languages ​​of the South as well as Hindi got the idea of ​​liberation in Yash’s mind and he started trying. Yash made a four-minute clip of the film in Kannada and brought it to Mumbai.

In 2018, Yash arranged a meeting with Excel Entertainment chief Vishal Ramchandani with the help of Anil Thadani. The meeting was just a few minutes away where Yash showed the huge Ramchandani the 4 minute clip of the film. The clip was not in Hindi but after watching it it was decided that KGF would make history and it would also be released in Hindi.

Yash has described that clip of the film in Hindi
The highlight of the meeting was that the film was in Kannada and Yash himself narrated the dialogue in Hindi to Vishal Ram Chandani. . At the moment moviegoers are talking about something, that is KGF Chapter 2. The film was a big hit even before its release and now after its release, the producers are busy counting the notes. The film has earned bumpers in just four days.

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