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Kabaddi competition is organized by Dubai Consulate - English.DailyProbash.com
December 2, 2023, 4:10 pm

Kabaddi competition is organized by Dubai Consulate

  • Update Time : Wednesday, May 4, 2022
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Kabaddi competition is organized by Dubai Consulate

Kabaddi, the national game of Bangladesh has been held in the United Arab Emirates for the first time. Four teams took part in the game at the initiative of Bangladesh Consulate General in Dubai and in collaboration with Kabaddi Federation. Before the start of the game, Consul General of Bangladesh Consulate BM Jamal Jamal Hossain and Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Kabaddi Federation SM Newaz Sohag greeted the players and the visiting Bangladeshi spectators. After that, the competition became quite intense with the players fighting fiercely.

Officials from the Consulate General in Dubai, community leaders, journalists and expatriates enjoyed the game. The spectators also expressed their happiness after watching the game. In the final, Dubai defeated Abu Dhabi by 6-7 points and became the champion. The participating players said that having the opportunity to play regularly in the land of exile would help them to stay physically fit as well as mentally refreshed.

Consul General BM Jamal Hossain said that the initiative of Bangladesh Consulate Dubai will be continued to preserve the tradition of playing kabaddi and to spread and propagate it in distant lands. In this way, the talented players among the expatriates will be able to express themselves

SM Newaz Sohag, joint secretary of Bangladesh Kabaddi Federation, said that kabaddi is still popular in Bangladesh. The Kabaddi Federation has undertaken new programs to spread this popularity in the country and abroad. Following this, a big tournament is planned to be held in the UAE soon. Today’s event is primarily part of that plan. I could not have imagined that the UAE expatriates would give such importance to today’s event. Encouragement of expatriates will motivate them to organize tournaments

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman teams took part in the game In the first round, Abu Dhabi defeated Ajman by 22-13 points. Dubai beat Sharjah by 14-6 points

Among the community leaders present were Mahbub Alam Manik CIP, Ismail Gani, Mazharullah Mia, Shafayat, Bulbul Ahmad Mukul

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