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In Sharjah, ripe paddy has remained in the field due to labor crisis - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 11:57 pm

In Sharjah, ripe paddy has remained in the field due to labor crisis

  • Update Time : Monday, May 9, 2022
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In Sharjah, ripe paddy has remained in the field due to labor crisis

Md. Russell Islam, Jessore District Representative: Hundreds of bighas of boro paddy have been submerged in three days of rain in Sharsha, Jessore. Many farmers are deeply concerned about the sinking paddy as they are not able to take it home in time.

Although the yield is good, the farming families are in dire straits as they are not able to harvest paddy at the right time due to weather conditions and labor crisis.

Although paddy harvesting started in some areas before Eid, many farmers did not bring paddy home and left it in piles on the land. The smiles on the faces of some people have become dirty in the rain as they are waiting for Eid to go away. The farmer’s long cherished dream has been submerged in water.

The standing ripe paddy is leaning in the wind. As a result, cutting and packing and taking it home and drying it has fallen into a big mess. Although the farmers are busy in reaping their golden harvest during the rainy season, many farmers are still standing in the field in the crisis of mature paddy labor.
As the current weather conditions are not favorable, the farmers who are unable to cut the paddy are worried about what to do.

The last rain started at 11 am on Monday (May 9). Hundreds of bighas of boro paddy of farmers have been submerged in the rains. With that, the golden dream of the farmer has sunk.

According to the warning message of the Meteorological Department, the deep depression in the Bay of Bengal has turned into cyclone “Ashani”. It is known to be more concentrated and move north-west.

Farmer Rahmat Ali said that he could not harvest paddy by fasting in the hot sun and also did not harvest paddy. So two days after Eid, I started harvesting paddy. My paddy field was submerged in the rain before it was tied.

What should I do with my wife’s widowed mother with four children in my family? I depend on the farmer as my crop. How do I run the family.

Farmer Sahajan Ali said, I was able to bring home one bigha out of three bighas of paddy. One bigha of bichali has been tied and the remaining two bighas have been cut and left on the land. What will happen to my paddy in this rain? I depend on this crop.

Sirajul Islam said I have two bighas of paddy field. I have four cows. If we can’t bring rice home in this rain, we will not eat the cows.

Meanwhile, every year in this upazila, the paddy harvesting workers from the south cut the paddy of the farmers and arranged it, but this time the number is less, said many farmers.

Farmer Amir Hossain said that every year the paddy has to be harvested with the help of workers from the south but this year the paddy has not been harvested yet.

Another farmer, Hai Babu, said that the current weather situation is very bad along with the labor crisis. I am very worried about not being able to cut the paddy.

Sharsha Upazila Agriculture Officer Pratap Mandal said, “Even if the weather conditions are a bit bad, there will be no problem for paddy in two days of rain.” However, those who have not yet been able to harvest paddy before today’s rains may have some loss of paddy.

Try to remove the water from the field as soon as possible and collect the paddy and bring it home. Although the target for paddy cultivation has been set at 23,600 hectares in Sharjah this season, paddy has been cultivated in more than 60 hectares. The production target has been set at 94,580 metric tons.

According to the Agriculture Office, the rainfall recorded for 2 hours on Monday was 82.3 ml.

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