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In Feni, a boy was raped by the police for fear of a case - English.DailyProbash.com
December 6, 2023, 3:31 am

In Feni, a boy was raped by the police for fear of a case

  • Update Time : Friday, April 15, 2022
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Kishore Hridoy (pseudonym) was arrested by the police three months ago. Police constable Yunus Ali grabbed him and took him to a hotel. There he raped her out of fear of lawsuit. He also recorded the scene on his mobile phone. Then began the perverted sex of Constable Yunus.

Constable Yunus used to regularly rape the teenager by showing the video of the rape in the hotel in the name of search. Still not satisfied, he took the teenager to his own house and handed him over to other youths. They also tried to rape her. Not only that, he created a safe zone for perverted sex in an abandoned vehicle kept at the police station. And at night there was sexual abuse. In this way, the victim teenager became the victim of the lust of the police member for three consecutive months. Finally, Constable Yunus Ali was caught by the police.

Police arrested him from his workplace at Feni Model Police Station on Thursday afternoon and sent him to jail through the court in the afternoon. Earlier on Wednesday, the victim’s mother filed a case in the name of Constable Yunus Ali.

Feni Model Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Nizam Uddin said Superintendent of Police Abdullah Al Mamun suspended Yunus Ali in an order after finding the allegations to be true. Besides, the medical examination of the teenager will be completed.

According to the statement, Yunus Ali arrested him from Mahipal in the name of search on December 23 last year. Then take him to a hotel next door. He raped her in the first phase out of fear of lawsuit. Yunus captured the image on his mobile phone.

He regularly raped her by showing her this video. In the meantime, Yunus went to his village home with the teenager. There, his other accomplices also tried to rape the teenager. Later, the teenager fled with Yunus’ mobile phone. When he returned home, he deleted all the videos from his mobile phone and sold them.

Meanwhile, Constable Yunus reached the customer with the IMEI number of his mobile and searched for him. Later, Mahipal’s mobile buyer went to the teenager’s house and informed him about the incident. The teenager was forced to tell his family about the incident. After that, the mother of the teenager filed a case in the name of Constable Yunus on Wednesday.

According to the victim, Yunus had set up a torture chamber inside an abandoned vehicle kept at the police station. Torture was carried out there late at night.

The teenager’s mother demanded that Yunus Ali be given exemplary punishment. At the same time, his associates should be brought under the law.

OC Nizam Uddin said the constable was arrested a day after the case and sent to jail. The teenager has been taken into police custody. His statement will be taken in court under section 22.


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