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December 1, 2023, 1:41 am

Iftar party of Juba Dal in Lebanon

  • Update Time : Monday, April 25, 2022
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The Lebanese Juba Dal has organized Iftar and prayers on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. The gathering was held on Sunday (April 24) in Medina Al Riyadh, Beirut.

Lebanon Juba Dal Organizing Secretary Anwar Hossain and former Joint General Secretary Al Amin Izzat jointly presided over the mahfil. Juba Dal Lebanon Branch President Syed Alam. The chief guest was Amir Hossain Kalim, Advisor to the Lebanese BNP.

Lebanese BNP General Secretary Aminul Islam, Chief Adviser Mojibul Haque, Adviser Zakir Hossain, Organizing Secretary Habibur Rahman, Co-President Abdul Quader Bhuiyan, Office Secretary GM Sumon, Co-President Omar Farooq Mollah, Senior Joint General Secretary Asadul Kabir and Organizing Secretary Al Amin Dewan.

Before the Iftar, Abdul Motaleb, Co-Organizing Secretary of Lebanon BNP, Mofizul Islam, Education Secretary, Shafiq Ahmed, Sports Secretary, Zahid Sarkar, Labor Secretary, Afzal Hossain, Former Co-President of Juba Dal Lebanon Branch, Jubail Juba Dal Branch Organizer spoke. Editor Hamidur Rahman Sabbir and President of the Lebanese Branch of the Expatriate Rights Council Rakib Khan.

During the mahfil, the late President Ziaur Rahman and Arafat Rahman prayed for the forgiveness of the departed souls of Keko and for the well-being of the Muslim Ummah, country, nation and expatriates including Begum Zia and Tareq Rahman.

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