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I don't understand what pornography is in movies: Polly - English.DailyProbash.com
November 28, 2023, 1:42 am

I don’t understand what pornography is in movies: Polly

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Polly is a popular heroine of Dhaka films in the late nineties. He suddenly left the movie theater. Currently living in the capital with her husband and children

Polly made her film debut in the movie ‘Fire’ opposite Manna directed by Mohammad Hossain. After that Shakib Khan, Rubel, Amin Khan, Amit Hasan, Alexander Bo, Mehedi and many other heroes have acted opposite. In just 5 years of his film career, Polly has acted in hundreds

There are many allegations against this heroine for spreading obscenity on the silver screen. Because he has been seen acting openly in many movies. However, denying all this, Polly Ulto told this reporter- ‘I still don’t understand what obscenity is. Those who say these things are right

Explaining the matter, Polly said, ‘I understand commercial cinema. When a producer casts me, he invests me in his film. If he doesn’t get that money back, he won’t make any more movies later. If you do not do a little commercial hit! I didn’t do anything obscene, I did commercial movies. ‘

Asked if there were any obstacles from the family regarding the pornographic movies at that time, Polly said, ‘No, my family knew it was completely fake. Although I was in front of the camera, there were many others behind him. So they never looked at things differently. ‘

Polly has acted in several films with Shakib Khan. Talking about her work experience with Shakib, the heroine said, ‘Shakib is a very good man. One day during the shooting he was telling me, today you will have lunch with me. Mom sent food from home, the two will eat together. Shakib gave me some advice while eating. I think I would have been in a better position to hear his words that day. ‘

The latest released movie starring Polly is ‘Number One Accused’. It was released in 2012. In this movie directed by Raju Chowdhury, Rubel acted opposite Polly.

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