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December 2, 2023, 12:31 pm

How to darken the color of henna

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Hard to find women who don’t love to wear henna. And when Eid comes, there is no question. Mehndi is one of the must-haves for Eid shopping. On a moonlit night, the smell of wearing henna falls on the hands of women from house to house. However, many people are upset because the desired color does not come after applying henna. By following some methods, the color of henna can be darkened easily.

Let’s find out-

1. Wash your hands well before using henna. But do not use any kind of oil or lotion on hands. In this, the henna color will be well absorbed by the skin and will last.

2.Apply henna at least 24 or 48 hours before the festival or event to get a darker color. Also, keep henna on hand for a maximum of 7-12 hours. Only then will you get dark colors.

3. You can take clove steam to get dark color after henna is lightly dried. For this, boil a few cloves in a pot with water. Then apply the steam of that boiling water on your hand and you will get a darker color of henna.

4. After drying the henna a little, dip a cotton ball in the mixture of lemon juice and sugar and use it. Then when the henna is completely dry, rub it off. Use mustard oil in place of henna.

5. But don’t overuse the lemon and sugar solution. Don’t forget to wash your hands with henna. Even after removing the henna, do not apply water to the area for at least 12 hours.

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