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December 4, 2023, 6:39 pm

Hajj package announced, cost increased to more than one lakh rupees

  • Update Time : Thursday, May 12, 2022
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Officially, two packages and one private package have been finalized for Hajj this year. According to the announced package, this time the pilgrimage will cost more than one lakh rupees per pilgrim.

The Hajj package was finalized at a meeting of the executive committee on Hajj management at the secretariat on Wednesday (May 11). Faridul Haque Khan briefed the journalist about the Hajj package.

He said that 5 lakh 26 thousand 340 rupees has been incurred in package-1 and 4 lakh 62 thousand 150 rupees in package-2 for Hajj. Besides, the cost of a package to go for Hajj under private management has been estimated at 4 lakh 56 thousand 630 rupees. In the case of Package-1, the cost has increased by one lakh 2 thousand 340 rupees, in case of Package-2, this time the cost has increased by 1 lakh 2 lakh 150 rupees.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Bangladeshi pilgrims have not been able to perform Hajj for the last two years due to restrictions imposed by the Saudi government. The last Hajj pilgrims went to Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh in 2019. Although the package was announced in 2020, no one from Bangladesh could go for Hajj. At that time 4 lakh 25 thousand rupees was included in package-1 and 3 lakh 60 thousand rupees was spent in package-2. The cost of package-3 was estimated at 3 lakh 15 thousand rupees.

The state minister said a package of Tk 4,56,530 has been proposed for privately managed pilgrims. Privately managed Hajj agencies will be able to announce multiple packages in line with Government Management Package-1 and Package-2.

The State Minister for Religious Affairs said that the holy Hajj will be held in Saudi Arabia on July 7 subject to the sighting of the moon. Will get. Two packages for government management and one package for private management agencies have been proposed for 2022, calculating the airfare for pilgrims, house rent in Saudi Arabia, service charges, teacher fees, Zamzam water, food costs and other fees.

Hajj package announced, cost increased to more than one lakh rupees

He said the Saudi government had delayed announcing the Hajj due to the Corona epidemic and had not yet received a statement from Saudi Arabia on the actual cost per capita, considering the potential cost. The proposed package has been approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee on Hajj Management.

In the case of Hajj package, the expenditure in Bangladesh period has not increased, the state minister said, adding that the exchange rate of Saudi Riyal was Tk 23 in 2020. Today the rate is 24 rupees 30 paise. This is also one of the reasons for the increase in package prices. In addition, 15 percent VAT, service charge tax has been included on all sectors in Saudi Arabia. The cost of mowing has doubled. House rents have risen. These factors are responsible for the increase in package prices. The third package was not kept this year.

He said that the pilgrims registered in any of the three packages of 2020 will have to complete the registration of 2022 by selecting the package-1 or package-2 announced for 2022 and transferring the package. In this case, the bank will immediately confirm the receipt of the transfer money package in the e-Hajj system of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Once the payment is confirmed, the pilgrim will be given his Pilgrim ID from the e-Hajj system.

The State Minister said that the pilgrims of Package-1 of government management will be within a maximum of 1000 meters from the boundary of Holy Haram Chattar and the pilgrims of Package-2 will be within a maximum of 1500 meters.

Meanwhile, each Hajj agency will be able to send a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 pilgrims. Hajj agencies will not be allowed to sell air tickets to any agency other than the Hajj Agency. No Hajj agency can be given more than 300 tickets under any circumstances.

One guide will be appointed for every 44 pilgrims, the minister said, adding that the Saudi government has been advised to reimburse the cost of Hajj pilgrims through the Saudi Islamic Development Bank or other such banks approved by the Saudi government. For this, the pilgrim has to take an additional 610 riyals equivalent to 19 thousand 63 rupees of the

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