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December 2, 2023, 7:54 am

Expect to earn 400 crore rupees in the tourism sector during Eid

  • Update Time : Friday, April 21, 2023
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The main religious festival of Muslims, Eid-ul-Fitr, is in the trap of a five-day holiday in a row. This long holiday is combined with weekly and Eid holidays. Businessmen expect lakhs of tourists to come to Cox’s Bazar beach ignoring the heat during the Eid holidays.

Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest beach town, is not visited by tourists during Ramadan. Earlier, more or less tourists stayed during Ramadan, but this year, due to intense heat, not a lot of tourists came to Cox’s Bazar due to the fear of heat.

However, according to Abul Kasem Sikdar, President of Cox’s Bazar Hotel-Guest House Owners Association, business will be mainly from the day after Eid, even if there is a continuous holiday from Shab Qadr. Government and private workers will stay till the government holiday. After that, travelers can stay in Cox’s Bazar till next Saturday. If lakhs of tourists stay in these few days and the business accumulates for seven days continuously, there can be a trade of 300-400 crore rupees in tourism related business and services.

Abul Qasem Sikder said, many tourists have already started contacting hotels and motels to visit Eid. An average of 50-60 thousand tourists are expected to stay in Cox’s Bazar every day. He also mentioned that it has been decided to give a special discount of 30-40 percent to the residential hotels-motel-guest houses belonging to the federation.

Abdul Quader Mishu, director of star hotel Ocean Paradise, said that star hotels provide the same service throughout the year. However, from time to time the discount on room rent is more or less. We have announced affordable packages this Eid. If someone brings a package, they get a 50 percent discount. Tourists are getting 25-30 percent discount on room rent if they come individually.

Abdur Rahman, Managing Director of Sandy Beach Restaurant and Vice-President of Greater Beach Traders Association, said that despite the busyness of Baisakh, Cox’s Bazar will be full of tourists during the Eid holidays. All preparations have been completed to provide comprehensive services to the tourists.

Abu Taleb Shah, assistant general manager of Hotel The Cox Today, said, ‘We are ready this year like other years with Eid in front. Tourists will get clean air. I can guarantee that.’

Apart from the district headquarters, all tourist spots in the district including Himachari, Daryanagar, Inani, Maheshkhali, Bangabandhu Safari Park are being arranged around the holiday.

Dullahazara Bangabandhu Safari Park supervisor (in-charge) Mazharul Islam said, the park has been modernized. Safari Park is ready to welcome tourists keeping in mind the past experience.

President of Cox’s Bazar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abu Morshed Chowdhury, said that the hot weather is prevailing all over the country. Cox’s Bazar also takes its interruption. However, it is desirable to mention that tourists will come to visit on Eid.

He said, if on average 50 thousand tourists stay in Cox’s Bazar for a week, all the sectors related to tourism can generate trade up to Tk 350-420 crore.

Additional Superintendent of Police of Cox’s Bazar Tourist Police Molla Mohammad Shaheen said, keeping in mind that the tourist arrival will increase, the Tourist Police has been arranged in several sections to ensure security and suppress crime. Tourist police will be on duty at all tourist spots including Teknaf and Inani. If necessary, the cooperation of the district police will be taken.

Rafiqul Islam, Additional Superintendent of Police of Cox’s Bazar, said that the police will perform duties in white clothes along with the establishment of check post at the entrance of the beach. There will be teams on the beach to provide clean water and provide first aid.

District Administrator Muhammad Shaheen Imran said that several teams of executive magistrates of the district administration will be on patrol to prevent the movement of tourists.

He said, law enforcement forces in white clothes including police-RAB will also be on patrol. Our main aim is to ensure the pure enjoyment of travelers.

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