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November 27, 2023, 11:37 pm

EU wants all parties to participate in next elections: Who?

  • Update Time : Thursday, February 16, 2023
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General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader paid a courtesy call to the ambassadors of the European Union. Obaidul Quader said that the upcoming elections, how far the Awami League has progressed in building trust as a ruling party were discussed in the meeting.

He said, ‘The European Union (EU) wants the next national elections with the participation of all parties. We also want a fair election with the participation of all parties.

This courtesy meeting was held today Thursday in Gulshan of the capital. Later, Obaidul Quader spoke to the journalists.

Awami League general secretary said, ‘BNP does not want dialogue on the occasion of upcoming parliamentary elections. They want fire terror. Like 2014, the party is preparing for fire terror again.

He said, ‘BNP does not want dialogue, like 2014, it is preparing for fire terror again. They don’t want to come to the polls because they have no connection with the people. He is resorting to tactics for fear of losing the election. The government has received information that may cause arson again. We are cautious.’

He said, ‘The party that ignores the call of the President, they are not interested in dialogue. In fact, they are not willing to go to Ni Urvachan from the point of view of mind. Because they know Sheikh Hasina and her party Awami League will come back to power. That is why BNP is trying to seize power by destroying the stability of the country and causing chaos in the name of movement.

Obaidul Quader commented that ‘the caretaker government that BNP demands is never possible’ and said, ‘The elections will be held according to the constitution, not the caretaker government. The next election will be held according to the constitution of the country. There is no way out of it.’

Referring to the issues discussed with the ambassadors of the European Union, Awami League General Secretary said, ‘Our focus is the next election. How far Awami League has progressed to build up confidence as a ruling party, how the election will be, whether BNP will come to the election or not, these issues were discussed. Besides, our country has trade and commerce – these were also discussed.’ He said, ‘We have said one thing clearly, the next election will be credible, fair and free. The Election Commission will play an independent authoritative role. The government will provide all kinds of support to the Election Commission.

Obaidul Quader also said, ‘We will not listen to anyone’s instructions regarding elections, our instructions are our constitution.’

Criticizing BNP, Awami League General Secretary said, ‘BNP meets foreigners quietly and secretly. We don’t talk confidentially. Everyone knows we came to meet. I did not come to meet quietly at night.’

He said, ‘We have told the European Union about the elections, we will follow the constitution. We do not claim that the process of developing democracy is flawless. But there have been many amendments for our election.’

“We want a good election, we want an error-free election. Obaidul Quader added that we will do whatever is necessary for that purpose.

He said, ‘There was a very fruitful and meaningful discussion with them. The EU wants a participatory election.’

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