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Emergency landing of plane in Dhaka - English.DailyProbash.com
November 29, 2023, 6:53 pm

Emergency landing of plane in Dhaka

  • Update Time : Monday, March 6, 2023
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Biman Bangladesh Airlines seems to have caught the attention of Shani. The state flag bearer is facing a series of major accidents. Biman has been in the headlines recently for various irregularities including flying with incompetent pilots, pilot sleeping on moving flights. Meanwhile, a passenger flight from Kolkata to Dhaka made an emergency landing in Dhaka today. The flight decided to make an emergency landing when one of its tires burst mid-air. The incident took place on Monday (March 6) morning in the BG-392 flight. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Executive Director Group Captain Kamrul Islam confirmed this to the media.

He said the plane made an emergency landing when the right rear tire burst. All passengers are safe. There were a total of 72 passengers on the flight. According to airport sources, the flight was being operated by a Dash 8-400 model aircraft imported from Canada. It departs for Dhaka at 8:49 PM local time in India. Shahjalal International Airport completed its preparations when it decided to make an emergency landing around 10:15 AM. Later it landed safely at 10 am. Meanwhile, 3 fire service units were present at the airport to avoid any major accident during landing. But they didn’t have to work. A calibration flight from Barisal to Dhaka made an emergency landing in Dhaka due to a nose wheel tire burst in mid-air on Sunday.


Also, on the morning of January 16, Biman’s flight BG 336 of Dhaka-Jeddah route was returning to Dhaka. When the plane was in the sky of India, an expatriate named Kabir Ahmed from Jeddah suffered a sudden heart attack. A quick landing at a nearby airport is required. But who will decide?


Airplane pilot sleeping in bunk. And unlicensed aeronautical inspectors in the cockpit. In such a situation, an expatriate fell ill and died because he could not take the right decision to make an emergency landing. It is known that there is an inspector in the moving plane who takes care of the passengers from behind the cockpit. But on January 16, something different happened on a Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane. According to rules, the decision to make an emergency landing is made by the original pilot. But at that time the pilot Dildar Ahmed Tofail was resting in the bunk.

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