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November 26, 2023, 2:14 am

Egypt’s Islamic tradition Meseharati!

  • Update Time : Friday, April 22, 2022
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There is a lot of writing on social media about shouting to eat sehri from mosques in the country. Counter-allegations and various Islamic speakers have also been active in the field arguing against it.

In Egypt, too, as part of the traditional Muslim culture of waking up the fasting people in Sehri, a group of people called ‘Meseharati’ can be seen on the streets of the country.

When it was time for them to eat sehri, they would go round the streets, play drums, go to every house and call the names of the children, wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s time to eat sehri, the purpose of tomorrow is to fast, dawn is coming, wake up.

The word al-masahrati comes from the word suhur, and al-musaar is an act in which a person calls on the Muslims to start the time of sehri and start preparing for fasting.

It is known that from the beginning of Islamic history, the first muezzin of Islam, Bilal-bin-Rabah (ra) used to go out with Ibn Umm Kulsum (ra) before the Fajr prayer and wake people up to eat sehri and call them a second time and refrain from eating. He used to say stay.

Egypt's Islamic tradition Meseharati!
Egypt’s Islamic tradition Meseharati!

The practice of Al-Maseharati began in Egypt in 653 AD. Before Sehri, a man used to go to the Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque from Al-Askar, the ancient capital of the country, and call people to Sehri.

In the Fatimid era, the then administration ordered people to go to bed early after Tarabeeh prayers, and soldiers went from house to house calling out to Muslims, “O servants of God, wake up, it’s time to eat sehri” and knocked on their doors until a man answered their call. . The soldier who carried out the call was called al-Mesherati.

Between 1269 and 1290 AD, from the time of Mamluk Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad bin Kalaun, Al-Maseharatis started calling the fasting people to Sehri by playing drums and tabla, singing poems, stories and ghazals.

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