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November 28, 2023, 3:30 pm

Cox’s Bazar ready for tourists, 50 percent hotel booked

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 1, 2022
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Concerned traders are expecting a huge influx of tourists in Cox’s Bazar during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. For this, hotels, motels and resorts have been washed and wiped out and all preparations have been completed for the arrival of tourists. Advance booking of the hotel has been going on for a couple of weeks since Eid.

Traders say more than 80 per cent of hotel and motel rooms have already been booked. Advance booking can be up to 80 percent. If all goes well, 100% hotel booking will be done. They are hoping that this will make up for the loss of tourists during the month of Ramadan.

Millions of tourists may gather during Eid holidays. Therefore, more than 500 hotels, motels and guest houses have been set up in the beach town to welcome the tourists. The tourist season is coming to an end in Cox’s Bazar with this Eid holiday.

Cox’s Bazar beach kitkat (sitting chair) trader Fayez Ahmed said, ‘I hope business will be good this Eid. Experience has shown that millions of tourists will visit Cox’s Bazar this holiday season.

Habib Ullah, general secretary of Labani Point Small Business Association on the beach, said: So the store is closed. However, after Eid, all kinds of preparations are being made for the business, including lifting new goods.

Star quality hotel Simon Beach Resort Manager. Asaduzzaman said, ‘Tourists could not visit Cox’s Bazar during the holy month of Ramadan. Now a record number of tourists will come after Eid. For this, most of the rooms in our hotel have been booked.

Mohim Khan, general secretary of Cox’s Bazar Kalatali Hotel Motel Owners Association, said, ‘Now is the last season of tourism. Cox’s Bazar has been without tourists for the last couple of months due to the holy month of Ramadan. The owners of more than five hundred hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar were affected. However, a large number of tourists are expected to visit Cox’s Bazar during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. Already 80 percent of hotel and motel rooms have been booked. Bookings at hotels may increase further. That is why the hotel owners have made all the preparations for the arrival of tourists in Cox’s Bazar.

Abul Kashem Sikder, president of Cox’s Bazar Hotel-Motel and Guest House Owners’ Association, said: The decoration work is almost finished. More than 50 per cent rooms have already been booked in hotels, motels and guest houses. The rest of the rooms can be booked in the days before Eid.

Deputy Commissioner. Mamunur Rashid said, “The administration has held meetings with hotel-motel and guest house owners and tourism related businessmen. Tourists have been instructed not to charge extra for hotels and motels.

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