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Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr in the UAE - English.DailyProbash.com
November 29, 2023, 6:34 am

Celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr in the UAE

  • Update Time : Monday, May 2, 2022
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Abdullah Al Shaheen, UAE: Eid al-Fitr has been celebrated in the United Arab Emirates. Eid congregations were held at every Eidgah and mosque in the country on Monday (May 2).

At the end of the prayers, special munajat is conducted seeking happiness, peace and prosperity of the country, nation and world Muslim Ummah. The largest Eid congregation in the UAE has been held at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in the capital Abu Dhabi. Corona’s restrictions on Eid Jamaat were much relaxed this year. However, in some places, volunteers have been found to be responsible for maintaining social distance.

Meanwhile, the expatriate Bangladeshis also took part in the Eid celebrations with great enthusiasm. This year’s Eid has been celebrated in a very festive

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