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Bus collides with plane in Los Angeles, at least 5 injured - English.DailyProbash.com
December 3, 2023, 4:38 pm

Bus collides with plane in Los Angeles, at least 5 injured

  • Update Time : Sunday, February 12, 2023
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Bus collided with the plane! Although it sounds strange, the incident happened at the Los Angeles airport in the United States. No one was killed in the clash but 5 people were injured.

The incident happened last Friday night at the Los Angeles airport. Authorities confirmed this information on Saturday.

It is reported that a shuttle bus collided with American Airlines flight A321. The accident happened near the road used to connect various parts of the airport with the runway. However, there were no passengers on the plane at that time.

Those concerned said that the plane was being moved to the side. At that time the bus collided with it. In this incident, the front part of the aircraft was slightly damaged. The front glass of the bus was also broken. 5 people including the driver and passenger of the bus were injured. They were rescued and taken to hospital.

Local media reported that major damage was avoided due to the low speed of the aircraft. An investigation is underway to find out the cause of the accident.

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