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Bubli will never be seen with me anywhere onscreen-offscreen: Shakib - English.DailyProbash.com
December 2, 2023, 8:22 am

Bubli will never be seen with me anywhere onscreen-offscreen: Shakib

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 9, 2023
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I will not work with Bubli in any other film, this is the final decision. Bubli will no longer be seen with me anywhere onscreen-offscreen.

If you have seen the song ‘Surma Surma’ from the movie ‘Leader: Amee Bangladesh’, you will notice that it is a romantic song; But there was a distance between the two artists. They were not seen nearby.

This has never happened in my entire acting career. Because I don’t want to share the screen with Bubli any day.

This is how actor Shakib Khan expressed his opinion about his second wife actress Shabnam Bubli. He said this in an interview given to the media.

Bubli says she will never be seen opposite Shakib Khan. Shakib-Bubli starrer ‘Leader: I Am Bangladesh’ released on Eid. It was heard even before the release that this is going to be Shakib-Bubli’s last movie. This time Shakib also heard such words. He said that he will not work with Bubli again in the movie.

Stating that his relationship with Bubli ended long ago, Shakib said, “In reality, all my relationships with Bubli ended long ago.” His life is his, my life is mine. Whatever we have to do because of the child, that’s it. Again, my chapter with him is completely over.

Shabnam Bubli made her film debut in 2016 through the movie ‘Basgiri’ by Sangam Pathika. The duo won huge acclaim with their first movie. Then they shared the screen in one movie after another.

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