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Bloody body of Bangladeshi youth in Saudi Arabia, family claims murder - English.DailyProbash.com
December 1, 2023, 11:34 pm

Bloody body of Bangladeshi youth in Saudi Arabia, family claims murder

  • Update Time : Sunday, May 8, 2022
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Saudi police have recovered the bloody body of Bangladeshi youth Abdur Rahman in Al Harmoliyah area near Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Friday (May 8) at noon Abdur Rahman’s father. Hanif and brother Abul Kashem have confirmed the matter. However, they claim that this is not a normal death. Abdur Rahman has been killed.

Abdur Rahman Laxmipur Kamalnagar Upazila Char Lorench Union 1st Ward North Char Lorench village. Son of Hanif. Thursday (May 5) afternoon, Abdur Rahman’s father. Hanif and brother Abul Kashem confirmed the news. Earlier, on May 1, Saudi Arabian police recovered his bloodied body, but his family did not know about it.

Citing relatives in Saudi Arabia, family members said that Abdur Rahman was killed and his body was dumped on the side of the road, killing the owner. However, police arrested a Saudi and a Sudanese national in the incident and released them after initial questioning, according to the victim’s family. Having lost the only earning son of the family, now the parents have seen the darkness in their eyes. On the other hand, the helpless family is begging to bring the body of the boy to

Lucky Begum, the mother of the deceased, said that she was having her last conversation with her son on the afternoon before Eid in Saudi Arabia. Suddenly Abdur Rahman shouted and mother Azrail came. Saying this, he hung up the phone. After that, he could not be found even after repeated phone calls from this side.

On the other hand, when he got in touch with her on the phone for two consecutive days from home but no answer was found, then the incident took place when she told her daughter-in-law Saudi expatriate Md. Informs Yusuf. Yusuf al-Harmoliyah later found out that a Sudanese colleague had a quarrel with Abdur Rahman. Rahman’s bloody body was found a day after the quarrel. The locals informed Yusuf that Abdur Rahman had been killed. Later, Yusuf went to the morgue of the local hospital and saw his body.

According to family sources, Abdur Rahman went to Saudi Arabia in 2019 in the hope of getting a good job through a local relative. But when he went to Saudi Arabia, he found out that his job was to graze camels in the desert. It was not possible for him to do this at all. Yet he has spent 2 years with great difficulty. He also had no vacation during Corona. In between, the owner would beat him for no reason. Later, one day he escaped from there and went elsewhere. Join another new job. But even here he knows his job is to work as a goat farmer in the desert. In his new workplace, he had frequent quarrels with his Sudanese colleagues. His body was later found bleeding on May 1.

Meanwhile, in a video circulated through social media, it is seen that Rahman’s body has injuries on the back of his head. The rest of the body is intact. And Kamalnagar police officer in charge. Solomon said no one reported the matter. Police are now searching for the deceased.

On the other hand, Kamalnagar Upazila Executive Officer. Kamruzzaman said, “We will try to help the family on behalf of the administration in bringing the body back to the country.”

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