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December 4, 2023, 3:08 am

Biman has unilaterally increased fares for Hajj

  • Update Time : Saturday, April 30, 2022
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Biman has unilaterally increased fares for Hajj.
Did not accept the recommendation of the Ministry of Religion.
The Hub of Hajj Agencies Association has claimed that.
According to them, by raising the rent, an additional collection of around Rs. Huber demanded to re-determine the rent by making unreasonable comments.
According to aviation experts, the ministry has shown extreme irresponsibility in setting fares.

In the hope of getting closer to Allah, this time 56 thousand 758 people will go to Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh to perform Hajj.
The Hajj flight will start on May 31.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism has fixed the airfare for Hajj pilgrimage at Tk 140,000, which is Tk 12,000 more than in the last 2019.
Even after that, the state minister’s demand, which was supposed to be more than 10 thousand rupees, has been reduced considering the number of pilgrims.

On logical grounds, the Ministry of Religion had proposed to increase the rent to a maximum of Tk 1.25 lakh.
Hub also says that even if all the expenses including fuel are increased, the rent should not be more than 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees.
In other words, the Ministry of Aviation is unreasonably collecting more than Tk 163 crore from the pilgrims this time.

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