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November 30, 2023, 4:02 pm

Bangladeshis celebrate Eid in a colorful atmosphere in Portugal

  • Update Time : Monday, May 2, 2022
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Expatriate Bangladeshis have celebrated the holy Eid-ul-Fitr in Portugal with religious fervor and enthusiasm. In addition to the capital, Lisbon, Eid congregations were held in the commercial and port cities of Porto, the tourist city of Algarve, the university city of Coimbra, the agricultural city of Odimira, and various cities, including Cascais, Damascus, and Odivilas. After the Corona epidemic, life in Portugal has returned to normal. At the same time, after the Eid congregation, the worshipers exchanged hugs and greetings according to the Islamic custom.

About 6,000 worshipers from more than 40 countries performed prayers at the country’s largest Eid congregation held in the capital Lisbon under the supervision of Bangladeshis. Apart from a large number of expatriate Bangladeshis, people from Muslim communities in Asia, Europe and Africa also took part in the Jamaat.

Khatib Professor Maulana Abu Saeed of Baitul Mukarram Jame Mosque of Bangladesh Islamic Center conducted the congregation and khutba of Eid ul Fitr. Before the prayers, Maulana Ala Uddin, Khatib of Matri Maniz Jame Mosque spoke on the significance of Eid-ul-Fitr and Jubayer Ahmed recited from the Qur’an.

Bangladesh’s ambassador to Portugal. Tariq Ahsan, Head of Consulate Abdullah Al Razi, Head of Embassy Alamgir Hossain and other Embassy officials, President of Matri Maniz Jame Mosque Mosharraf Hossain, President of Baitul Mukarram Jame Mosque Rana Taslim Uddin, Awami League Leader Zahirul Alam Jasim, President of CRCPT Abu Naeem Shah. Leaders of various social, political and cultural organizations of the Bangladeshi community, including Farid Ahmed Patwari, President of Portugal Bangla Press Club, performed Eid prayers at the congregation.

Expatriate Bangladeshis at the biggest Eid Jamaat held at the Matrimonial Park in Lisbon.
Expatriate Bangladeshis at the biggest Eid Jamaat held at the Matrimonial Park in Lisbon.

At the end of the Jamaat, the Ambassador exchanged Eid greetings with the Bangladeshi community and thanked the Lisbon City Corporation, the local junta Santa Maria Mayer and all concerned, including the organizing committee, for organizing such an orderly Jamaat.

Worshipers of different countries exchange Eid greetings by hugging or traveling. The expatriate Bangladeshis in Portugal seem to be reminded of Bangladesh as the Bangladeshis in Lisbon rush to the Eid ground in their traditional Punjabi pajamas. The local Matrimonial Park is like a piece of Bangladesh in the heart of exile.

There are also two mosques at the Central Jame Mosque in Lisbon, two at the Hazrat Belal Mosque in the port city of Porto and the Bengali-inhabited Rua de lureiro, the tourist city of Algarve, Kashkaish, Coimbra, Amadora Jose Gomez playground, Mill Fontes, Porোর. One Eid Jamaat was held at Masjid, Pharaoh, Damaiya.

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