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December 1, 2023, 11:57 pm

Awami League clashes in Pabna, 20 injured

  • Update Time : Saturday, May 7, 2022
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Awami League clashes in Pabna, 20 injured

Clashes broke out between the two factions of the Awami League at Pabna Bera over domination and political disputes. At least 20 people, including five policemen, were injured.

The condition of 3 injured people is serious. They have been admitted to various hospitals and clinics. The clashes continued from 5 pm to 10 pm on Thursday.

The clash took place in the Brishalikha Jahajghat area of Bera municipality between supporters of the current municipal mayor and Juba League central committee member Asif Sams Ranjan and supporters of former mayor and ousted upazila Awami League president Abdul Baten. Your uncle and nephew about Ranjan and Baten. Ranjan is the son of Advocate Shamsul Haque Tuku, MP of Pabna-1 (Santhia-Bera) constituency and younger brother of Baten Tuku.

According to police and locals, the then mayor Abdul Baten had set up an illegal seaport on the banks of Hurasagar river at Brishalikha in Bera municipal area about ten years ago. Later, BIWTA evicted the seaport, but later Abdul Baten re-opened the port illegally. Baten was doing business by building more than a hundred illegal shop houses near the seaport. Supporters of the incumbent mayor Ranjan became desperate to occupy the ghats and shops due to the election dispute. Ranjan’s supporters locked the shop on Thursday afternoon. Upon receiving the news, Baten’s supporters broke the lock and tried to open the shop.

At this time, chases and counter-chases took place between the two sides. Later, when the police went and tried to control the situation, a fierce clash started. Protesters vandalized a police car. At least 20 people, including five policemen, were injured in the clashes. Among them, police constables Mahmudul Hasan (24), Ramzan Ali (40) and Saber (32) have been admitted to Bera Upazila Health Complex.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Bera Police Station Arvind Sarkar said there was trouble between Baten and Ranjan groups. The two sides clashed over the occupation of shops in Brishalikha Ghat area yesterday afternoon. When the police got there with the car, supporters of the former Mayor Baten Group attacked the police car. Several policemen were injured in the incident. A case has been filed against Baten as the main accused in the attack on the police.

Former mayor Abdul Baten was contacted about the incident and his mobile phone was found switched off.

Incumbent Mayor Advocate Asif Ranjan Shams said there is no Awami League group here. Locals and local traders have taken initiative to protect the ghats from illegal occupants.

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