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December 2, 2023, 9:28 am

Argentina jersey gift to Shakib

  • Update Time : Friday, March 31, 2023
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Bangladesh national cricket team is soaked with the love of Argentina national cricket team. A jersey has been gifted to Bangladesh by the team. Bangladesh’s Test and T20 captain Shakib Al Hasan accepted that jersey.

BCB, the governing body of Bangladesh cricket, has posted two pictures on its official Facebook page on Friday. The two captains of Argentina’s men’s and women’s cricket teams have sent the jerseys to congratulate the Bangladesh cricket team.

Posting the photo, the caption reads, ‘Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan has accepted a jersey of the Argentina national cricket team. Argentina men’s cricket team captain Hernan Fennell and women’s team captain Alison Stokes sent it with best wishes for the Bangladesh team. (On their behalf) commentator Andrew Leonard brought the jersey to Bangladesh.’

In fact, Shakib is a crazy fan of Argentina football team. Messi’s team defeated France in a shootout in the thrilling final of the World Cup in Qatar. After 36 years of waiting, Argentina got their third World Cup trophy. And Messi got immortality in 5 attempts. As soon as Argentina won the tiebreaker in the final, Shakib went out on the road with his car wrapped around his jersey. Thousands of people were still in the streets.

Bangladesh Test and T20 team captain Shakib’s favorite football team is Argentina. His support for Argentina is mainly because of Messi. Shakib is such a big fan of Messi that once in a TV show Shakib was asked – If you could take another person to the moon other than your wife, who would you take? Shakib said Messi’s name without thinking for a moment. After winning the last World Cup, the people of Argentina have learned how much Bangladesh loves them!

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