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Another Russian airstrike in Kiev - English.DailyProbash.com
November 29, 2023, 5:37 pm

Another Russian airstrike in Kiev

  • Update Time : Monday, May 29, 2023
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Russia has again carried out large-scale airstrikes in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

This attack was carried out by the Russian military using drones and cruise missiles in the early hours of Monday morning. This is the 15th Russian airstrike in Kiev this month.

On the other hand, the military administration of the capital of Ukraine said that the defense forces shot down more than 40 targets. Reuters reported this information in a report on Monday.

The attack, which took place early Monday morning, was the 15th Russian attack on Kiev this month, according to reports. In addition, for the second day in a row, Moscow attacked Kiev with the same intensity in the dark of night.

However, officials claimed that no major damage or casualties occurred in Kiev in the latest Russian attack. “Another difficult night for the capital city of Kiev,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said in a telegram.

Earlier, Russia attacked Kiev in the dark of Sunday night. The attack is believed to be Russia’s largest drone strike in Kiev since the start of the war. One person was killed and several others were injured in the massive attack. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities also claimed that 36 drones were shot down on Kiev on the same day.

Reuters reports that Russia used Iranian-made Shahed drones and cruise missiles in Monday’s attack, according to the military administration in Kiev. Serhii Popko, the head of the city’s military administration, said in a telegram, ‘Through these continuous attacks, the enemy wants to keep the civilian population in deep emotional tension.’

There was no immediate comment from Moscow on the attack. Reuters was also unable to independently verify the report of the extent of the attack.

But Reuters witnesses said they heard several explosions early Monday morning, even as all of Ukraine, including the city of Kiev, was under an airstrike alert.

Russia has recently stepped up its offensive against Kiev. In recent attacks, Russia has been using so-called kamikaze drones as well as cruise and ballistic missiles.

Analysts say the Russian military is seeking to destroy and damage Ukraine’s air defenses ahead of Kiev’s long-awaited counterattack.

However, Ukraine has been planning a counter-attack for the past few months. But Ukraine is taking as much time as possible to train troops and receive military equipment from Western allies before launching that offensive.

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