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November 30, 2023, 1:29 am

Alum will remove black spots and acne on the skin

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Alum has been used in skin care for a long time. This astringent ingredient helps cleanse the skin from within. Alum is a bacteriostatic ingredient, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps cleanse the skin from within. You can use alum regularly on your skin if you want, but it depends on your skin type.

If your skin is not sensitive, you can use alum as a cleanser on your face once a day. Besides, you can use alum regularly to remove oily skin or acne.

There are many benefits of using alum for skin. It also helps in reducing skin acne problems as well as dark spots. This ingredient even helps to clean the skin from the inside by removing dead cells from the skin.

How to use alum in skin care?

You can use it as a cleanser after waking up in the morning. Use fit kiri again after coming home from outside. It will remove the dirt accumulated on the skin. Soak alum in water and then use on wet face. After that, massage for a while with bare hands and wash your face with lukewarm water.

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