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All the problems that women have to face if they do not get married at the age of 22. - English.DailyProbash.com
November 28, 2023, 7:44 pm

All the problems that women have to face if they do not get married at the age of 22.

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Although the differences between men and women were much higher at one time, now they are much less. Many regulations have changed over time. However, despite many changes in the society, some conventional ideas of meditation still remain.

Marriage is the main goal of a woman’s life. This idea is still ingrained in people’s minds like superstition. In words, the girls are in their twenties. And the only reason to say this is that now that they are 22 years old, they are under pressure from various quarters to get the girls married.

As a girl grows older, her own family, relatives, friends, and even neighbors ask her questions about her marriage, which often cause discomfort to unmarried girls. Let’s find out what happens to unmarried women after the age of 22 The problem is to face-

# Inside the house, after waking up in the morning, parents are heard to be frustrated for not being able to marry their daughter every day. Girls often feel guilty when they see their parents thinking like this.

# If a girl ever goes out for her work, people around her get married, then Iburo girls have to hear why she is not married yet? Which is a really serious inconvenience to girls

# Unmarried girls cannot go to any wedding house or ceremony house. Because it is not possible to eat and drink in the joy of the mind. There are similar questions to be faced

# You may be a little old but not married, so there is a conflict between everyone about exactly what she will wear. Some people order you not to wear more gorgeous clothes while others laugh.

# If you are a little older then you have to go to a party and wear it in an uncomfortable situation, because it is bad to see people of the same age going there holding the hand of their husband or boyfriend while he is not there.

# The security of a woman who has not been married for 22 years is also likely to be compromised, as many of these single women feel readily available and make various bad offers. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

# When a girl is left alone without getting married, many people will not look at her favorably and there are many false rumors about an unmarried woman.

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