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November 25, 2023, 3:18 pm

Airstrikes in Sudan after ceasefire ends

  • Update Time : Friday, April 28, 2023
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As soon as the ceasefire ended, the country’s army launched an airstrike in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The paramilitary forces fighting with the army suffered a major blow. Aljazeera news.

Smoke can be seen billowing after an airstrike in the north of the capital, near the presidential building in Khartoum on Thursday.

The Paramilitary Forces (RSF) said the Sudanese army had carried out the airstrikes in violation of rules.

Meanwhile, in Sudan, the death toll continues to rise in clashes between the army and paramilitaries. So far 512 deaths have been reported.

Besides, 4 thousand 193 people have been injured in the last 13 days of conflict. The country’s Ministry of Health has given this information. The two sides entered into a three-day cease-fire from Tuesday mediated by the United States. But the attacks continued even during the ceasefire. The skies over the northern part of the capital were patrolled by aircraft and ground-to-air firing was seen.

The army said it agreed to a ceasefire in South Sudan’s capital, Juba. Which expires on Thursday. IGAD acted as mediator in the ceasefire. From last April 15, the conflict between the regular army of Sudan and other forces started. Since then a ceasefire has been negotiated. But none of the lights worked. Meanwhile, after the start of the conflict in Sudan, the United Nations says that about 270,000 people may flee to the country’s poor neighbors South Sudan and Chad.

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